This High-Performance Oven Is As Dynamic As Your Training

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December 14, 2023 - Updated December 14, 2023

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We’ve all been there. You’re nearing the end of another day juggling your training schedule, work, family and social life and are trying to not only figure out what you’re going to eat, but how you’re going to prepare it.

Meet the Anova Precision Oven, the dynamic kitchen appliance that’s here to fuel you forward with nutritious meals the whole family can enjoy.

Sweat has partnered with Anova to help you level up your cooking and support your training goals with nutritious recipes.

Whether you’re following an advanced program like Lift with Laura Roberts or are simply looking for a better way to lift your culinary game, the Anova Precision Oven is for everybody and for every kitchen.

From setting yourself up for the day with a nutritious breakfast to preparing a tasty high-protein snack to enjoy after your next training session, this kitchen must-have does it all so you don’t have to.

At Sweat, we know how important it is to fuel yourself forward with nourishing food that will not only support your training but that tastes good. This hero of your kitchen countertop will help you master everything from steaming and air frying to their innovative (and bagless!) sous vide method. And with an extensive recipe library that includes everything from crispy fish tostadas to steam-baked basque cheesecakes (drool), you’ll never be short for meal ideas.

Another thing we love? It’s easy to use. It won’t just create meals the whole family will love, but something they can master. Combining all the features of a pro-level combi oven at a fraction of the cost, the Anova Precision Oven isn’t just here to help you create delicious, nourishing meals but to give you precious time back in the day to focus on what you love.

Keep scrolling for some of our favourite features and recipes!


From locking in nutrients to boosting your food’s flavour profile and adding texture, there are so many advantages to steaming your food. We love using the steam and steam roasting features, especially on those busy weeknights when we’re short on time.

Your oven allows you to control the temperature with greater precision than a conventional oven, ensuring you don’t overcook or take away any nutrients. Your final product? Packed with flavour and moisture while also being firm and fresh. The stream-roast feature is great for browning and crisping up your food efficiently and effectively.

There are so many mouth-watering flavour combinations you can try in your Anova Precision Oven.

One of our favourites? This steam-baked acorn squash with garlic and parmesan recipe. You’ll be able to get it from bench to tabletop in less than 30 minutes, with only 10 minutes to prepare and 15 minutes to cook. It’s a great snack or side dish and precision cooking means it’s soft on the inside while perfectly crisp on the outside.

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Air fry

You’ve seen it all over your For You Page and it’s arguably the cooking technique of 2023. But how does air-frying actually work? Thanks to the Anova Precision Oven’s powerful convection fan, air-frying is made simple using a perforated pan or wire rack for maximum airflow. We love it because it’s a super quick and easy way to get the ultra-crispy texture you normally only find with deep-fried food without the need to add any oil, making for healthier (but equally appetising) options.

Our go-to is the ultra crispy air-fried chicken. The Anova Precision Oven creates a juicy chicken with enough crisp that you wouldn’t know it hadn’t been deep fried. While it requires 12 hours of hands-free dry brining in the fridge ahead of time, it's in and out of the oven in less than an hour. We have a feeling this flavour-packed recipe will come to rival your favourite takeaway chicken.

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Sous vide

This cooking technique was once the domain of restaurant chefs and elite home cooks as it involved vacuum-sealing your food in a bag and cooking it in a precisely regulated water bath, before often finishing it off over high heat. The Anova Precision Oven allows you to sous vide from the comfort of your own home (without the need for a vacuum-sealed bag or water bath!), delivering restaurant-quality meals.

Using Anova’s innovative wet-bulb sensor, your oven can recreate sous vide-quality dishes from start to finish in the same place, without the need for a vacuum-sealed bag, water bath or hot cast iron pan.

Ready to give it a go yourself? We recommend Anova’s simple steam oven pulled pork recipe, which combines the sous vide and steam modes to create a tender pork shoulder that pulls apart. Serving 12, this is a great dinner-party option or one to whip up if you’re after leftovers to see you through the rest of the week. While the prep will take you just 20 minutes, it will need 18 hours in the oven to create that delectable, pull-apart sensation so it’s one to prepare ahead of time!

Lift your culinary game with Anova

Ready to enjoy nutritious, restaurant-quality meals that will support your training and lifestyle without taking hours to prepare? With Anova, you can. From steaming and air-frying to sous vide, the do-it-all Anova Precision Oven is the perfect addition to your kitchen countertop. Purchase your Anova Precision Oven today for $996.99AUD or $595.99USD. Use code HEALTHYANOVA at checkout for an extra 10% off! 

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