“I’m A Beginner. Is Sweat Worth It For Me?”

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June 20, 2022

“I’m A Beginner. Is Sweat Worth It For Me?” - Hero image

When you’re at the beginning of your fitness journey, it can be hard to know where to start or which app is right for you. If you’ve not worked out regularly before or are returning to fitness, ANY workout program or fitness app can look pretty daunting. We hear you!

Seeing trainers like Kayla Itsines or Chontel Duncan complete pull ups effortlessly or finish a burpee before you have time to blink, it’s easy to think - nope, I don’t think the Sweat app is for me. 

But we want to assure you that no matter what your starting point is, how often you want to workout each week, or what your fitness goals are (maybe you don’t even have any yet), Sweat can help you create healthy habits, build your confidence and make movement a part of your life you look forward to.

Oh, and the incredible Sweat Community will be cheering you along every step of the way! 

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How To Get The Most Out Of The Sweat App As A Beginner

Start moving 

Getting started with fitness doesn’t mean going from zero to one hundred. Rome wasn’t built in a day! 

Remember, Sweat trainers workout for a living and have been training for years, so look to them for inspiration and motivation, rather than a yardstick to measure your own abilities. 

You wouldn’t ditch medical school after comparing yourself to an experienced surgeon, so why give up on your fitness journey before you’ve even started? Small steps will take you where you want to go and it’s all about progress, not perfection. 

If you want to try a Sweat program but have no idea what to choose, you can complete a short survey in the app to figure out your best option, try a beginner-friendly program, or experiment with a range of different workouts from the On Demand section of the app to see what training style (and trainer) you like the most. 

You can also connect Sweat to your phone’s Health app to create daily step goals and track your progress. Every walk you do can be recorded as Low Intensity Steady State cardio (or entered afterwards if you forget), and will count towards your weekly trophy achievements. 

A healthy routine is one you enjoy and one that works for you, and Sweat can help you get moving and turn that new routine from an idea into a reality. Remember, it’s all about making your workout schedule work for you! 

It isn’t all HIIT!

Several Sweat trainers are well-known for their high intensity training styles, but there’s plenty of other options if HIIT isn’t your thing or you want to start with something else first. 

Between yoga, Pilates, barre, weight lifting, low-impact training and  HIIT (or even Kelsey Wells’ new combination of strength training and mindfulness!), you’ll be able to find something that spins your wheels. 

If you select a program that feels too difficult and you want to take it down a notch, you can change your program at any time, use exercise modifications, reduce your speed, or remove any weights. These are YOUR workouts, so YOU call the shots. 

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Learn the basics

In case you didn’t know, you don’t need to be an experienced exerciser to start using the Sweat app. Starting a beginner program is the perfect way to safely master the basics of different movements and familiarise yourself with different pieces of equipment if you have them. Otherwise, bodyweight or home workouts can be super effective, too! 

Learning the fundamentals is going to be so worthwhile in the long-run, both for your health and mobility, as well as your lifelong fitness journey. Before you know it, you’ll look at ANY workout program and think, yes, I could give that a go!

Create and smash your goals 

There’s nothing like that satisfying feeling of achieving a goal, something that once seemed so hard to reach. 

Whether it’s completing a program from start to finish, joining the Sweat Challenge, hitting your step goal every day for a week, mastering a new exercise, adding weights to your workout for the first time, or smashing a previous personal best… Sweat can help you get there. 

You can select how many workouts you want to aim for each week and watch as you collect trophies for each one, choose a step goal and watch the ring fill up, enter a weight goal if that’s of interest, or even go for a daily hydration target. 

Think about where you are, where you want to be, and get excited about the journey you’re about to embark on.

Discover more about wellness

Want to learn more about things like nutrition, exercising during different stages of your menstrual cycle, mindfulness, better recovery or how to juggle fitness and family?

The Sweat blog covers a range of wellbeing topics with new articles posted every week, and can be easily accessed via our website or in the Community tab of the app. Take a look to discover the latest health and fitness news, expert advice from our trainers and member stories. 

If you’re new to fitness,our answers to the 13 top questions every beginner has is a great place to start!

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Be part of a community

For a lot of Sweat members, the most valuable part of joining is the Sweat Community. Got a question or want to join a discussion? Check out the forum (either in your web browser or in the app) where you can start a new thread or add to an existing one!

Many members have their own Instagram pages dedicated to their fitness journeys, which can be an amazing way to connect with other like-minded women around the world and encourage each other. Some members have even organised Sweat meet-ups in their local areas and taken their connection offline! 

For an inside look into how different members make Sweat part of their lives, check out our How I Sweat blog series and stories of women like Deb, Jas, Allie and Cara

During times of year like the Sweat Challenge, it’s also fun to follow your chosen trainer for tips and laughs, and connect with people who are doing the same program as you to cheer each other on (and share in those moments of struggle, too).

If you’re a beginner and having some hesitation about joining Sweat and what you’ll get out of it, hopefully this has helped. Sweat is your trainer, your teacher, your goal tracker, your cheerleader, your sidekick, your fitness wing woman and your community. 

Building healthy habits, fitness, confidence and a feeling of being part of something greater than yourself? Priceless. 

Are you a beginner and have questions about the Sweat app? Fire away in the comments! 

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