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December 22, 2017

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As you might have seen on our social media, we’re excited to be launching a 12-Week Challenge on the 15th of January, 2018! Here at SWEAT, we know that the New Year is a great time for people to start afresh with exercise and/or healthy living. With that in mind, we also know that some of you like to be prepared — which is why we decided to give you some tips to get you started. 

Consider this your headstart for the 12-Week Challenge!

Start the Beginner Weeks in the SWEAT app

All the SWEAT programs include Beginner Weeks, which can help you to build up your fitness one workout at a time. This is a great way to increase your fitness, to work out a bit of a routine and to get used to using the app along the way. With a few weeks under your belt, you’ll be ready to kick-off the challenge and hit the ground running. 

Once the challenge begins, remember to set your program to Week 1 again. That way you’ll be following along with the community each week!

Spend some time learning about recovery and rehabilitation

A new workout routine often comes with sore muscles, especially if you haven’t been regularly exercising. Making time for recovery now will help you get into a good routine for when the challenge begins! Try starting your day with a gentle morning stretching routine, or grab your foam roller and roll away the muscle tension. 

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Look at your diet and nutrition

In order to get the best results from your training, your body needs energy to get through each workout. Without adequate fuel and energy, you might find that your body becomes fatigued quickly, making it hard to keep up the intensity of your workout plan. Proper nutrition is important for fuelling your body correctly, so take some time to look over your current diet. Check out some of the healthy meal ideas on our blog, or in the SWEAT app!

Try settling into a regular sleeping pattern

Your body needs plenty of rest, particularly as you start a new fitness routine! A regular sleeping pattern can make it easier for you to wake up feeling refreshed, plus it gives your body the best chance of rebuilding and repairing overnight. Lots of factors affect our sleep, so try to create good sleeping habits to ensure you get plenty of shut-eye!

These tips can help you to get ready for our challenge, or any new program that you might be starting. If you resolved to get more active in the New Year, then why not start preparing now? 

Once you’ve decided you want to be a part of the 12-Week Challenge, make sure you check out the forum! That way you have a built-in support system during the challenge, which is great when you need a little extra motivation to keep it up. 

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