10 Exercise Memes Everyone Who Sweats Will Relate To

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January 29, 2022

10 Exercise Memes Everyone Who Sweats Will Relate To - Hero image

To celebrate Sweat reaching one million followers on Instagram (if you're not following us yet, where have you been?) we've gone back through the archives to find the funniest exercise memes that had the Sweat Community in stitches.

Whether you've been doing High Intensity with Kayla from the very beginning of the Sweat journey or love to feel the barre burn, if you train with the Sweat app these workout memes will have you nodding along furiously. Burpee, anyone? 

The Most Relatable Workout Memes From Sweat

The one that anyone who has accidentally scheduled a post-workout hair wash knows all about

The one where Kayla Itsines got to pick a lucky Sweat Community member to do another 20 burpees (yes, really)

>The one where we asked the Sweat Community to make an IMPOSSIBLE choice

The one where your internal alarm clock was secretly conspiring to ruin your life 

The one where we correctly identified 95% of your wardrobe (and ours!)

The one where we low key came up with a genius (but somewhat impossible) idea 

The one that Pilates with Sara fans definitely know to be true 

The one where we warned you about the perilous dangers of a post-workout supermarket run when you're hungry 

The one where we knew all about your Netflix history

And finally, the high-intensity throwback that our OG members couldn't like fast enough

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