No Power? No Problem! Try Ramona's Full-Body Blast Workout

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July 25, 2023

No Power? No Problem! Try Ramona's Full-Body Blast Workout - Hero image

Imagine this. You've got your activewear on. Your workout space is set up and ready to go. All you need to do is press play on your workout. And then the power goes out. Just like that, you've lost access to the Sweat app. What do you do?

For Sweat Community member Ramona, the answer was simple. You improvise.

A Sweat member since 2017, Ramona has years of knowledge (and an impressive 8 Sweat Challenges and over 1,100 workouts up her sleeve!), so when a series of summer storms resulted in multiple power outages leaving her unable to access any apps, she came up with the BEST solution.

"I was about to call it quits on the workout today... I mean does it even count if you don't log it?" Ramona shared on Instagram. "But then it dawned on me: just improvise."

Yep! Instead of calling it quits, Ramona decided to create her own epic Sweat session.

"With the tools that Kayla Itsines, Chontel Duncan and Kelsey Wells have provided me with, I put together my own Full Body HIIT for today's workout, utilising bits and pieces from each of them to optimise my training session. And guess what? It was not easy!"

Say hello to Ramona's workout. Or as we've dubbed it in the Sweat office, the Power Outage Full-Body Blast! We loved it so much we just had to share it with you. 

No Power? No Problem! Try Ramona's Full-Body Blast Workout - Picture Panel 2 - Desktop

You know what they say: there's always room for improvisation. If you've got a spare 25 minutes, give Ramona's workout a go!

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