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March 7, 2022

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Here at Sweat, we know that being a strong woman is about so much more than how heavy your weights are or the number of burpees you can get through in 30 seconds.

The women that make up the incredible Sweat Community aren’t just showing up physically when they work up a Sweat, they display inner strength and empower the rest of us every single day.

International Women's Day is a day to come together and celebrate the achievements of ALL women. To champion the changemakers who strive for women's equal participation in every area of their lives. And to shine a much-needed spotlight on what is needed to create a truly gender-equal future for all women. 

Today (and let's be honest, EVERY DAY) we want to celebrate the strong women - inside AND out - that make up the Sweat Community. And who better to define what it truly means to be a strong woman than the Sweat Community themselves? 

They inspire us when they tell us about the setbacks they’ve been through, they motivate us when we hear about how they’re triumphing over adversity and encourage us on those days when we’re just not feeling it.

So here’s to strong women. May we know them, may we be them, and may we raise them. And may we continue to champion them - no matter what day it is. 

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What does strength mean to the Sweat Community?

For the Sweat Community, strength is all about your body AND your mind.

“A strong woman is one who knows their own mind and body and is willing to do what they want and need to get through in life,” says @kir90, who is just returning to exercise after pregnancy and adjusting to life with two children.

“Sometimes that means doing it yourself and others it means asking for and accepting help from others to achieve your goals.”

@shegzie34 tells us that Sweat has helped her build strength in more ways than one.

“Sweat has inspired me by giving me physical strength and more confidence in my ability,” she says. “Sweat has become part of my lifestyle and I feel lucky to be part of such a fantastic and motivating community.”

For @sophimanou, being a strong woman means facing adversity with ease while also accepting all of our imperfections! Hear, hear!

“Being strong is knowing your mind inside and out, being a loyal person and being independent, not comparing yourself to others,” says @angelaparsons.

For her, being strong is all about knowing you will struggle from time to time.

“You will have a hard day sometimes and you will always be working on yourself to remain strong.”

She reminded us that while it might not always be easy, we will always get through and stay strong.

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Empowerment and the Sweat Community

When we started our series How I Sweat, where we catch up with members of the Sweat Community like Jas and Cara to find out more about their lives, we got to hear first-hand how these remarkable women empower one another every single day.

Whether she’s having her best day or her worst, Cara’s radiant confidence, kindness and positivity are a huge inspiration for the Sweat Community, and she says the feeling of inspiration goes both ways.

Jas agrees, telling us there’s no community quite like the Sweat Community.

“The camaraderie, sisterhood and vibe of the Sweat Community is a feeling I can’t put into words. From the trainers to the community itself, these women have created a safe space for me to be my authentic self. I can reach out to any of these women in times of difficulty whether fitness related or not, and feel supported. Female empowerment is a real thing in the Sweat Community and I feel lucky to have this in my life.”

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