13 Sweat App Features You Might Not Know About

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August 30, 2023

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Taking your fitness to another level doesn’t necessarily have to mean increasing the difficulty, setting ambitious goals or working out more often - it can be as simple as getting to know all the ins and outs of the Sweat app. 

Working out can be hard, and behind the scenes at Sweat, our product and engineering team are also working hard to make your digital fitness experience as seamless and empowering as possible.

To make your life and workouts a whole lot better, here is your go-to guide to some of the most handy features within the Sweat app. 

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Plan out your week 

One of the most common reasons we hear when it comes to not exercising is a lack of time, and we hear you. Life can get busy, real busy, and sometimes fitting exercise into the day or completing all of your workouts by the end of the week seems like an impossible ask. 

While we can’t free up your calendar or add extra hours to your day, we did make sure the Sweat app has a Planner section (one of the main tabs at the bottom of your screen) so you can easily plan out your week of workouts in advance, become a master of your time and crush your goals. 

Schedule a workout

Want to go a step further than mapping your workouts across the days of the week? You can also schedule individual workouts to an exact time, and enable Sweat notifications on your device to get a reminder an hour before every scheduled workout. This is something head trainer Kayla Itsines swears by to make sure she honours her workouts once they’re scheduled, just as she would if it was a doctor’s appointment or a work meeting.

Workout search 

Sometimes, you know exactly what kind of workout you’re in the mood for, and rather than scrolling through the On Demand section, wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could just search for what you want? Good thing is, you can. 

In the On Demand section of the Workouts tab, click on the Search button to look up whatever it is you have in mind (abs, kettlebell, HIIT, Katie Martin, Pilates - you name it), and you’ll get a whole bunch of suggestions to match. You can also use the Filter button to refine your search or see what searches are trending!

Can’t see the Workout Search button yet? Hang tight! This one hasn’t rolled out to all members yet, as we are gathering feedback for those last finishing touches. If you don’t see it in your app just yet, stay tuned, it’s coming soon!

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Know your muscle groups 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a complete newbie to working out or consider the gym your second home, it helps to know what muscles you’re working in each exercise. Thanks to the muscle groups feature in the Sweat app, you can see exactly where you should be feeling the burn, which makes it easier to tell if your form is correct or choose the best On-Demand workout if you’re trying to train a certain muscle area.

Substitute your exercises 

For people who have access to a large space or a gym with all the equipment your heart could possibly desire, following your Sweat program to a T isn’t an issue. If you’re working out at home with limited equipment, are in a crowded gym, or simply don’t enjoy using certain equipment, the Automatic Exercise Substitutions toggle can seriously help you out. 

Once you’ve entered what equipment you have access to under your profile, you can then turn on the Automatic Exercise Substitutions button under Settings, which will do exactly that - automatically substitute exercises in your program based on the equipment you have available. 

When you then tap the substitutions button during your workout, the app will also prompt you to select a reason to make sure you get the perfect substitute option for you, such as a lack of equipment, too easy/hard, the need for a low-impact option, or you just don’t like it. 

No more looking at your next exercise and thinking, what am I going to do instead? 

Don’t forget, not liking an exercise is a good enough reason to switch it out! Hate burpees? Use this feature to find a suitable substitute. We want to empower you to make your workouts work for you and YOUR body.

Combine training styles 

If you’ve got commitment issues, don’t let the fear of not being able to change up your workouts prevent you from choosing a Sweat program. You can still complete workouts from other programs at any time! 

Any time you want to branch out from your main program and combine programs, just make sure you select a workout straight from the Workouts section or the On Demand section, and don’t tap the button to change your program (unless you love the new workout so much you want to make the switch!). 

Scroll to the bottom of the On Demand section and you’ll also find our Workout Series collection. This was launched in early 2024 and will continue to grow - a place where you can progress through a workout mini series alongside your current program whenever it suits you, such as Kelly MacDonald’s 10-part Mobility at Home series! Once you've completed a workout it will display a tick, so you know exactly where to pick back up next time.

If you’re after a single program that combines multiple training styles, we recommend Katie Martin’s Strength & Pilates, or Britany Williams’ Strength & Barre. 

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Get stronger with weight tracking

On any strength building journey, tracking your weights is key if you want to make progress, and know when you’re making progress. If you’re following a Sweat program that uses weights, simply tap on the ‘Weight’ box next to ‘Reps’ and input the weight you’re using. Your logged weight will then show up the next time you complete the same exercise, making it easy to know when your strength has levelled up.

Using the On Demand filter

If you read the section above on combining programs and have no idea what we mean by the ‘On Demand’ section, we’re about to elevate your workout game. 

When you’re in the main Workout tab, you’ll find an On Demand button at the top of the screen. This is where you can try individual workouts, grouped together by categories such as training style, trainer, muscle groups, at-home workouts, or workouts that have been requested by the Sweat Community. You can also filter by categories to narrow your search down.

The On Demand section is a great place to look if you want to add something different to your routine, are ready to try a new program or training style, or want to see what’s trending. 

Mark your favourite workouts  

Whether you’re following one program, adding the occasional workout outside your main program, or working out entirely from the On Demand section, it helps to be able to keep tabs on workouts you loved and want to do again. Simply click the heart icon at the top right of the workout and it’ll be added to your Favourites!

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Share your workouts and achievements

If you’ve ever seen someone share a Sweat workout to their Instagram story and wondered, how the heck do I do that? It’s super easy. Once you’ve finished your workout and see the completion screen, use the Share button to let your community know you’ve smashed out yet another Sweat session. You can also share your workout badges from the Activity tab to celebrate milestones such as your first workout, your hundredth, or your Sweat streaks. You’re killing it. 

If you’ve seen a workout in the app that you love the look of and want to do it with your workout buddy, or you’ve spotted a workout you think your friend will love, you can also use the Share button on the main workout screen that appears before you’ve even started your Sweat session to direct people straight there.

Track your progress with photos 

Weight tracking isn’t for everyone when it comes to tracking progress, especially if you don’t enjoy heavy lifting. If you’re motivated to see physical changes, taking photos could work better for you. 

In the Activity tab, scroll to the Progress section at the bottom and take a photo. Remember, healthy and sustainable physical progress happens gradually, so it’s best to only take a photo every few weeks or months. 

Seeing physical change isn’t the most meaningful motivator for some people, so find what fuels your fire, and never forget, female fitness transformations are about so much more than your progress photos.

Link your daily steps

With Sweat, you can track your workouts, hydration and steps all in one place. To connect Sweat to your phone’s step tracker, tap the Sweat drop in the top right corner, and under your Daily Goals, select ‘Connect’ to start tracking your steps.

Connect and learn

Sweat isn’t just for building your fitness, it can also be a tool to build your sense of connection to a wider community, or build your knowledge about all things wellness. In the bottom right corner of the Sweat app you’ll find the Community tab, where you can read all the latest health and fitness tips, or check out Forum threads that the Sweat Community is engaging in. 

During the recent Sweat Challenge, this was the place to be if you wanted to boost your chances of winning an Aje Athletica voucher, and the Community vibes were like nothing else! 

Join the incredible Sweat Community

We know we're stronger together

From here on out, how are you going to Sweat smarter? 

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