We Love Sweat, But Why Do You?

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June 6, 2023

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Although we’re almost constantly celebrating the incredible Sweat Community and trainers, we’re not usually one to toot our own horn (maybe it’s that Australian tall poppy syndrome?), but recently we received a whole bunch of feedback from our members and we reckon it’s worth celebrating.

We put the question to you - we love Sweat, but why do you? And the answers made us so proud to be part of the magic.

Hearing that the Sweat app feels like a best friend of another kind, a safe space to try new things and a way to fall in love with fitness is like music to our ears. If you’ve been wondering what Sweat is like or sitting on the fence about joining the Sweat Community, hopefully these snippets give you a little taste of what you can expect. Ready to get started? Try our 7-day free trial and unlock an exclusive 25% off saving here.

High-quality programming

Here at Sweat, our trainers and exercise science team pride themselves on creating world-class fitness programs and experiences, and a lot goes into designing workouts and programs that are the perfect combination of challenging, enjoyable, effective, progressive and achievable.

“Sweat has the best workouts! It’s like having your very own personal trainer in an app,” said one member.

“I didn’t know what I was doing before,” said another. “Sweat programs give me so much confidence and knowledge.”

Whether you’re interested in strength training, Pilates, HIIT or yoga, Sweat’s programs give you both a starting point and an exciting pathway to keep you going. And with over 13,000 workouts available, we’re convinced there’s something for everybody.

“It’s awesome to have the ability to progress over a long period of time with a program I love!” you told us.

A supportive community

For others, what makes the Sweat experience so meaningful and memorable is being part of a supportive network of like-minded women from around the world.

“I love Sweat because of the community. It’s so unique,” said one member. 

“Not only are there so many workout options for any fitness level, but there’s also amazing support from the Sweat Community,” said another. Several members also commented on the constant positivity of the trainers and the Sweat Community, and we couldn’t agree more.

Every day that the Sweat team is working behind the scenes and watching you smash out your workouts, we’re constantly in awe of the daily encouragement, kindness and connection we bear witness to, whether it’s from members or trainers.

“It’s the kind of positive atmosphere that helps you become a healthier, better you,” is how one member put it.

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Sweat goes wherever you go

While some people are blessed with a schedule that gives them the freedom to work out whenever and wherever they want to, most people are looking for a fitness solution that has this freedom built into it - the ability to work out whenever, wherever. According to you, Sweat definitely ticks that box.

“I can use it anytime, anywhere. There are so many variations, substitutions and workouts I can do,” you explained.

We heard time and time again that the convenience of being able to work out on your own time, from anywhere, is unbeatable, and it’s so handy being able to modify exercises, change programs, and tailor each workout depending on what equipment you have on hand.

“I never have to travel anywhere to work out!” one member said. “It’s a 20-second commute.”

Someone else from the Sweat Community added another reason why having options and flexibility is paramount. “I have a disability and just love the amount of options Sweat gives me to choose from.”

Feel motivated and accountable

On any fitness journey, one of the hardest parts is staying motivated, disciplined and showing up consistently week after week. Of course, no one can do the hard, sweaty work for you, but feeling a sense of support and motivation from something outside of yourself definitely goes a long way.

“Sweat gives me the motivation to get up and move!” one member told us. Others shared how the app helps them to stay consistent, feel accountable and keep themselves motivated to stick with it.

“This is the only thing to ever consistently keep me exercising,” said one member.

Never get bored

Beyond battling with a lack of motivation, it’s normal to struggle from time to time with workout boredom and feeling like the shine has been rubbed off your fitness routine. Workout boredom often rears its head when you’re stuck with only one workout or program, but an easy way to avoid it is with a varied program or knowing you can change things up at any moment. 

“There’s such a huge variety of workouts. I’m never bored,” we heard from the Sweat Community, with countless members telling us the extensive selection of trainers, programs, training styles and intensities is the thing they love most about the app.

“There is something for every mood, every level, and everybody. I cannot get enough!,” said one member.

“Any type of workout I could ever imagine is right at my fingertips.”

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Working out can be hard, but using Sweat is easy

While we can’t guarantee that actually doing your workout is going to be a breeze, finding and following each workout will be. Sweat takes out the confusion and effort of planning a workout, as well as the difficulty of trying to follow something on a random piece of paper or in the notes section of your phone. 

“I don’t need to think about my workouts anymore, I just do them! It makes being disciplined so much easier,” a member shared.

You described the Sweat app using words like intuitive, easy to follow, effortless, user-friendly, clear, fool-proof, and taking all the guesswork out of fitness. For members who previously felt quite lost or intimidated in the gym, knowing exactly what to do has also given their motivation and confidence a huge rev up.

“I love that I don’t have to think about or plan my workouts, I only need to show up ready to Sweat.”

A way to move during and after pregnancy

Kayla and Kelsey’s postpartum workouts have been available on the Sweat app for a while, but 2022 was the year these two trainers launched their own pregnancy programs, followed by Brit’s Pregnancy Barre in 2023.

“I love Sweat’s pregnancy and postpartum programs!” several members told us.

Thanks to these programs, you don’t have to press pause on your fitness and can continue moving your body with confidence from bump through to birth.

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Why Sweat?

Let’s be honest - life is hard enough and there are plenty of barriers that can get in the way of leading a healthy lifestyle or making fitness a priority. That’s why Sweat is here to empower you to be the healthiest, fittest version of yourself with as much ease as possible.

We’re done tooting our horn for now, but we’ll always be here backing you every step of the way on your fitness journey.

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