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February 25, 2020 - Updated February 19, 2024

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Congratulations, Sweat Community! Over the last six weeks we launched ourselves into 2024, set our fitness goals and intentions and came together to Sweat. Through all of the ups and downs, you supported each other and completed the Sweat Challenge!

We caught up with the trainers and some incredible Sweat Community members who just ticked off their TENTH challenge to talk us through the last 42 days and why they keep coming back.

You should be SO proud of what you’ve achieved!

From January 8, over 50,000 of us participated in the Sweat Challenge! There were members from 191 countries who ticked off almost 600,000 workouts!

Alongside your trainer and the rest of the Sweat Community, you completed rep after rep, sharing your struggles and go-to tips for digging deep and achieving your goals as we got stronger together.

We came together and put ourselves first

When you first signed up for the Sweat Challenge, six weeks might have seemed like a long time to commit to your fitness goals, but you challenged yourself and pushed through each week! 

For some of you, this was the first fitness challenge you’ve completed and we applaud you. You were patient and persistent, and you made the promise to keep showing up and supporting each other.

We also had plenty of members who know exactly what the Sweat Challenge is about, like Gloria, Linda, Sonia and Irene who have just completed their tenth Sweat Challenge!

“I keep coming back to the Sweat Challenge because it gives me an opportunity to renew my goals, refocus and a sense of excitement to see the kind of progress I can make in 42 days,” says Gloria, a busy mum of two and business owner. “Sweat Challenges are a reminder for me that I am important, too!”

Over on the Forum we saw record numbers of conversation with over 10,000 Sweat Challenge comments. And it wasn’t just good vibes we were sharing - there were some epic prizes up for grabs, too! From Lululemon vouchers to Sweat merch and some awesome Hyperice compression therapy boots, we loved seeing everyone get involved.

We found discipline and challenged ourselves

It was sometimes hard to find the motivation to exercise after work, after the family were all asleep, or simply on those days when you’re feeling the fatigue that can come with getting back into a consistent routine, but you did it!

You pushed yourselves, smashed your weekly sessions and inspired us all!

“​​The Sweat Challenges are scheduled during periods when I need an extra boost in my training routine, and they are both hard and inspiring, plus can be performed at home if I'm busy with work and other obligations,” shared Linda.

Sonia agrees, telling us: “I find the Sweat Challenge motivating because it offers a sense of competition, accountability and the desire to achieve my personal fitness goals!”

We learned from each other

During the Sweat Challenge, you could follow your favourite trainers on Instagram for updates, exercise demos and all sorts of motivational talks and tips to help you feel motivated, informed and ready to achieve your goals. For Kayla and Kelsey, this challenge held plenty of significance as it was an opportunity to bring a whole new fitness experience to the Sweat app.

“This Sweat Challenge was so important to me because it was my Bootcamp Challenge!” Kayla says, reminiscing on some amazing memories.

“I used to run bootcamps all over the world and have thousands and thousands of girls there working out and if you couldn’t do the bootcamp we would record it so you could do it at home.”

Kayla loved seeing women come together at home, in the gym or in public spaces to train together in her challenge while Kelsey’s Mindful Strength program allowed her to share six weeks of mindfulness tools and practices with her community.

“Prioritising your MENTAL and emotional health is always at the forefront of my fitness messaging and mission,” Kelsey shared when her program was announced. Each week, she taught one of her favourite mindfulness practices to complete alongside the strength workouts.

“Every mindfulness practice is something that I personally use to prioritise and care for my mental health. Absolutely zero exaggeration when I say these tools CHANGED MY LIFE.”

For Brit, who welcomed baby Blake in 2023, this Sweat Challenge was a huge part of her postpartum fitness journey.

“I seriously debated if I was ready for the intermediate route,” she shared a few days into the challenge. “It’s been nine months since baby and seven months of being back at fitness but I still feel like I’m at a beginner level.”

Brit wants to remind EVERY woman who has given birth recently that things don’t just click back into place when you’re ready to start working out again.

“I’m still learning this seemingly new body of mine and if that’s where you’re at too, I see you and I’m cheering you on!”

For Katie, the Sweat Challenge was all about setting herself up for success in 2024 and connecting with the community.

“I love this challenge so much,” she shared. “Six weeks of consistent training sets the tone for the rest of the year.”

“An absolute highlight of my day is sitting down and watching everyone’s videos from their workouts and reading through the responses. Usually, you ask me if I woke up and chose violence the day I wrote the program!”

We supported each other

Whether you experienced moments of self-doubt, got sick or missed part of the challenge for any other reason, the Sweat Community were there to support and encourage you.

You were patient and took your health seriously, caring for your body so you could get back into your workouts because you know you’re in this for the long game.

You recognised that healthy habits are about so much more than how you train, sharing everything from meal prep ideas to motivation hacks with each other as we finished the challenge strong!

We celebrated our wins together 

For those who’ve been with Sweat for a while, we loved to see you sharing your progress and celebrating your wins with the community! 

Whether you’ve tried a new training style, started a new habit or discovered motivation you didn’t know you had, your achievements are amplified when you share them with women going through a similar journey!

“I love the fact that all the women on your socials are doing the same thing at the same time, including the trainers,” shared Irene.

We will keep going strong together

Now that this Sweat Challenge is over, you don’t have to wait for the next challenge to continue your training. You can keep going towards your health and fitness goals (or set new ones!) and build on your progress. You've got this!

What to do after the Sweat Challenge

Before you even think about the next step in your fitness journey, take a moment to feel proud of how far you’ve come and take some rest if you need it. This is the time to celebrate your achievements!

When you’re ready to continue, you’ve got a few options for how to Sweat next. You can choose to:

  • Pick up with your previous Sweat program where you left off

  • Select a completely different program 

  • Opt for one of Sweat's goal-based challenge programs if you're looking for a new way to push yourself 

For those of you who are new to Sweat and want to keep going with your Sweat Challenge trainer or a similar training style, take a look at these programs.

Remember that you can always change your program at any time in the Sweat app by tapping your profile and ‘Manage My Program’. If you like to mix up your training style, you can access thousands of workouts in the On Demand tab.

And if you have any questions or concerns, the Sweat team is here to help!

Join the incredible Sweat Community

We know we're stronger together

Join the community to keep your momentum going!

If you haven’t already started using the Sweat Forum we’d love to have you join in. Here you can share your fitness journey, ask or reply to questions, and connect with women training all over the world.  

It’s been so amazing to have all of you join us for the 6-week Sweat Challenge and we hope you take some time to celebrate your achievements! We can’t wait to see what direction your Sweat journey takes you in next.

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