The Sweat Community Share Their Top Workout Tips For Beginners

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January 3, 2023

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Let’s be real. It doesn’t matter whether you’re brand new to fitness, are a few weeks into your first Sweat program, are preparing for the Sweat Challenge or have been working out for years - we all know how tough it can be to start a new routine and make fitness a habit.

When things are hard, what do you seek? Some great advice! And who better to get workout tips from than the incredible Sweat Community? We asked the Sweat Community OGs for their words of wisdom for beginners and this is the magic they came up with to make your journey as easy as possible.

Just start

Why does starting your first workout feel so hard? Surely there’s a special secret to getting through your first Sweat session? The perfect time? The best age? Well, there is a perfect time according to the Sweat Community, and it turns out it’s right now. You simply have to get changed, lace up your shoes and begin. 

“I started working out with Sweat in 2016 at age 46!” said a member. “It’s not important what age you start, the most important thing is just to start. Do it now!” Other members chimed in echoing the exact same message. 

“Don’t think about it, just start that workout!” 

“You might not want to do it… do it anyway! You will feel AMAZING after.”

“Just start. Commit yourself to a Sweat program and get those trophies.

If it’s motivation you’re struggling with or the idea of a full workout is overwhelming, why not try the 5-minute rule to get you started?

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Keep going and aim for consistency, not perfection

You’re going to have days when you don’t feel like working out or when life gets busy, but do your best to stick with your routine until it starts to become a healthy habit. Even if you miss a workout here and there, that’s ok! It’s what you do most of the time that matters. 

“Don’t think you have to restart every time you have an imperfect week and don’t get every single workout in,” one Sweat member said, adding that it’s perfectly ok to adapt a program to your lifestyle and schedule. Do your best and don’t give up, knowing that it’s normal for your best to look slightly different from week to week. 

Several members also emphasised the importance of persevering for at least eight weeks to make it a habit and start seeing some motivating fitness progress. “Stick with it. You won’t regret it,” said another member.

Do workouts you enjoy

One trick that can go a long way when it comes to getting started and sticking with your fitness routine is choosing workouts and training styles you actually enjoy.

Working out can be hard enough, so don’t make it harder for yourself by choosing a Sweat program you have no interest in. 

“Choose a program that suits you best. Don’t limit yourself. Keep pushing your boundaries. The best thing about Sweat is if one program doesn’t suit you, you can always choose another trainer and start a new program. When you feel stronger, you can mix it up again. I’m always switching things up! Everyone is different, so do what feels right to you.”

Many long-term members we heard from couldn’t list the programs they’ve done on one hand and said that’s the beauty of the Sweat app! If your mood, schedule, fitness level or goals change, your program can have a switch-up, too. Even if you just want to change things up once a week or month, you can always hop into the On Demand section of the app and try something new to keep things interesting.

“Do a program you enjoy. You will NOT stick with it if you don’t,” said one member, recounting a time she went from completing 4-5 workouts a week to one or none when she switched to a program she didn’t enjoy as much. “You’re far more likely to be consistent with something you enjoy!”

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Focus on YOU and your journey

Feeling inspired by your favourite trainer or your fit friend is great if it helps you get started, but once you’re off the mark, it’s time to focus on YOU. Comparing your chapter one to someone else’s chapter 20 is going to get you nowhere, and this is something many women in the Sweat Community can’t stress the importance of enough. 

“From me to you, don’t give up and don’t compare yourself with others,” said a member who started her Sweat journey in 2016. “Keep watering your own grass and sooner or later you’ll be surprised at how green your grass can be!”

Focusing on your own journey also means taking it at your own pace, modifying exercises whenever you need to, and being grateful for every small win. The things you can’t do today, you’ll be smashing in no time. 

“Enjoy the journey and really be present in it. Don’t keep playing the ‘I’ll be happy when…’ card. There is something special about every part!”

Embrace your support networks

Finally, remember you’re never in this alone. No one else can complete your workouts for you (how good would that be?), but when the going gets tough, your fellow Sweat Community, friends, family and Sweat Trainers are the ones who will have your back and cheer you on from the sidelines.

“Always feel free to ask the Sweat Trainers or the Sweat team questions if you need help, either in the forum, in the app or on social media! Just because we aren’t with you in person doesn’t mean we can’t help,” says Sweat Trainer Britany Williams. 

“So many people are happy to help and just want to see you succeed and see a smile on your face,” shared a member. “Using the Sweat app and the support I’ve built through this community is by far one of the best ways I’ve invested in myself and my wellbeing over the years.”

Join the incredible Sweat Community

We know we're stronger together

As challenging as it can be to begin your fitness journey, it can help to know every single person who makes it look easy has been exactly where you were. Soon enough, it’ll be YOU sharing your pearls of workout wisdom. So are you ready to make a start?

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