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February 28, 2023

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Getting fit is about so much more than getting fit. For the Sweat Trainers and the Sweat Community, building strength and fitness is about being a healthier, happier person, and a stronger, more empowered woman, mother, friend and leader. 

When you realise you’re capable of much more than you first thought, there’s no choice but to step into your full power and live a bigger, bolder life.

Blanca, a longtime Sweat member from Spain, is a testament to that. Known by many as Tunki Crafts thanks to her incredible talent for weaving, she’s soon to be weaving her way from her little southern Balearic Island, Menorca, all the way to the Arctic Circle in northern Norway. Did we mention she’s quite literally taking the scenic route? Blanca is embarking on this journey on her motorbike, teaching weaving workshops at different locations, and staying fit with no-equipment Sweat workouts along the way. Heck yes. 

When we heard about her trip and how she’s taking Sweat on the road with her, we couldn’t wait to find out more.

Empowered by fitness

“First of all, I would have never dared to endeavour on an adventure of this magnitude if it wasn’t for the confidence I have gained thanks to Sweat and the Sweat Community,” Blanca started by saying.

“Before I was always doubting myself, had no confidence whatsoever and was always trying to please everyone else, but the Sweat app gave me the tools I needed to gain the confidence to shout, I’m worth it, I’m more than enough! There are so many women in the Sweat Community standing up for themselves and cheering on other women around the world, so if you don’t have much support, there’s thousands of women in the Sweat Community who are ready to back you.”

In addition to the support of a global community, Blanca knows every workout is standing her in good stead for the thousands of miles of solo riding that lie ahead. With a bike weighing over 350 kg plus her personal belongings (including a mini-mat and resistance bands for on-the-go workouts), she’s currently smashing through Cass’ Level Up Sweat Challenge to build all the strength, power and endurance she possibly can.

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From small beginnings

Blanca’s fitness journey began back in 2017 when she was looking for a boost in energy and to feel more confident and comfortable in her own skin. She knew in order to see and feel change, she needed to give it her all, and is proud to now have a regular workout routine she loves.

What started as a goal to see physical changes in the mirror became an incredible learning curve in itself, as Blanca realised how gradual change is and that there’s so much more meaning to be found in working out.

“Through following the Sweat Trainers and being part of the Sweat Community, I began to understand that exercise is a tool that empowers me to do awesome things. How my body looks is only that - an image.”

“By working out consistently I have accomplished so many amazing things, not just lifting weights I never thought I could, but through gaining the confidence in myself to achieve my personal and professional goals, too. In every workout I challenge myself and give everything I’ve got because that’s what helps me to feel like my best self - for me and the people I care about.”

Taking the leap

For Blanca, the trip she’s embarking on isn’t just about seeing the world, teaching her weaving craft to others or getting out of her comfort zone, it’s also about trying to show other women how much growth is possible when you have a little bit of courage.

Despite having a rebellious spark as a teenager and a love of motorbikes since childhood, Blanca was discouraged by relatives who advised her against riding motorbikes. After questioning her worth and capabilities, she decided it was about time she called the shots. She’s now the proud owner of a Harley Davidson.

“Just having the guts to face a trip of this magnitude and a goal I’ve had for so long makes me feel proud of myself,” she says. Blanca went on a solo journey around Europe in 2022 (minus the motorbike), and says this next trip will be much more of a demanding challenge - physically and mentally - but she’s excited to take the bull by the horns. 

“There’s no adventure without any risk, right?”

If there’s something you’ve been dreaming about achieving, trying or ticking off your bucket list (and owning a Harley Davidson won’t be on everyone’s radar), Blanca’s advice isn’t necessarily easy, but it’s simple. 

“Just go for it. Don’t sit on the fence. The only way to achieve your goals is to stand up for yourself, set your mind to it, leave behind negativity and find a way to make it happen.”

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The only way to start is to start

If getting fit is one of your goals, Blanca knows exactly how it feels to be disheartened by setbacks, slow progress or not knowing where to begin, but she says everything worth doing in life takes time - a perspective that drives her to keep going. 

“Don’t overthink it! Just download the Sweat app, have a trial week and give it a go. Even if the program you first try isn’t quite your thing, there are so many different program options to suit everyone. Don’t lose perspective and never throw in the towel. The only towel you’re allowed to throw is the one you use when working out!” she laughs.

Move with your mood

Speaking of different options, Blanca is a big fan of mixing up her training style or Sweat Trainer when the mood strikes. Feeling good? She’ll go for a workout with Cass, Kayla or Kelsey. Tired or craving something more gentle? She’ll choose a yoga flow with Phyllicia or Ania

“When I feel down, I love Kelsey’s Redefine Fitness program - it has helped me so much - and when I need to feel extra empowered I do a workout with Cass.”

Join the incredible Sweat Community

We know we're stronger together

To this date, Blanca has clocked up over 1700 Sweat workouts. She’s the definition of inspiring and has already got us thinking about our own big goals for the year ahead. As the saying goes, if your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough. 

Want to follow Blanca’s motorbike adventures? Check her out here!

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