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January 12, 2024 - Updated January 12, 2024

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So you’ve just signed up for your 7-day free trial of the Sweat app - welcome! We’re SO excited to welcome you to the Sweat Community and can’t wait to help you discover just how good it feels to Sweat. We have a sneaking suspicion that these 7 days won’t be the last we see of you. 

We know that life is super busy and often the last thing you have time (or mental space) for is figuring out how to get the most out of a brand-new app before your trial ends. To take all the guesswork out of it, here are 7 things for you to try in 7 days to get a feel for Sweat and how it can take your fitness journey to a whole new level. 

The quick-fire breakdown:

  1. Browse our world-class programs

  2. Schedule a workout using the Planner 

  3. Complete your workout and achieve your First Workout trophy! 

  4. Link your steps and achieve a daily goal

  5. Be part of something bigger - the amazing Sweat Community

  6. Level up with the latest health, fitness and wellbeing tips

  7. Check out our recipe library

Let’s get started!

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1. Browse our world-class programs

We’ve been releasing new workout programs every single year since the Sweat app first launched, meaning you’ve now got an absolute smorgasbord of over 50 program options to choose from - no matter how you like to Sweat. 

In your onboarding journey, you’ll be asked a couple of quick questions so that we can give you our best program recommendation to get you started! But don’t panic - you’re never locked in and can change your program at any time. 

Feel free to either skip our recommendation and browse all our programs before you decide, or start with our recommendation and then have another browse in your spare time. 

Simply tap on the Workouts tab, scroll down to the Programs section, and either scroll through or click See All where you can filter the results by training style, trainer or fitness level. When you’re this spoiled for choice, the hardest part is deciding which one to start with! 

Here are a variety of popular programs you might love, depending on what training style you’re vibing right now:

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2. Schedule a workout using the Planner 

Once you’ve had a look around, we reckon it’s time to lock a workout into your schedule for this week! You’ve got two options - select a program and choose one of the workouts from Week 1, or pick a workout from the On Demand section of the app. Here, you’ll find thousands of individual workouts at your fingertips, all bundled together by trainer or in themed collections. To try a member fave, we recommend checking out the most popular quick workouts of 2023 here!

If you’re looking for something in particular (maybe an ab workout or Pilates), simply tap the Search button at the top of the On Demand section and type in your keywords or see what other members have been searching for recently! You can see the full breakdown of every workout before you begin, as well as what equipment you’ll need and what muscles you’ll be targeting. 

As soon as you’ve found a workout you love the look of, scheduling it is as easy as clicking the Schedule Workout button (shocking, we know) and choosing your day and time. Voila.

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3. Complete your workout and achieve your First Workout trophy! 

It’s time to get stuck in. You’ve scheduled your workout into your calendar and the time has finally come to take the plunge. You’ve got this! Get into your fave workout clothes, pick a banging playlist, then click Start Workout. Get ready to discover how good it feels to Sweat. 

If you’re new to working out or new to the training style you’ve chosen - there’s nothing to be nervous about. Your workout includes a warm-up to get you started and every exercise is accompanied by a demonstrational video, step-by-step instructions and a diagram to show you exactly which muscles you’ll be feeling the burn. If an exercise isn’t right for your body or the equipment you have on hand, you can easily tap the Substitute button to swap it out. 

When you’ve finished, bathe in that post-workout goodness and feel proud. The endorphin rush is real, and you’ve just earned your very first Sweat trophy! But we know it won’t be your last.

4. Link your steps and achieve a daily goal

Leading an active lifestyle isn’t just about the number of workouts you complete or the program you decide to follow, it’s also about finding ways to make moving your body part of your day-to-day lifestyle, which is why we wanted to make sure you’ve got everything in one place. 

To connect Sweat to your phone’s step tracker, tap the Sweat drop in the top right corner, and under your Daily Goals, select ‘Connect’ to start tracking your steps.

Then when you tap the Activity icon to see how you’re tracking against your weekly goals, your daily step goal is right there, with a nice activity ring to show how close you are to achieving it each day. There’s something about closing that ring that just feels so good.

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5. Be part of something bigger 

For many women, personal goals are what initially kicks off their Sweat journey, but it’s the feeling of being connected to an amazing global community that keeps the momentum going. Even if you’re working out on your own, with the Sweat app, you’re definitely not in this alone.

If you tap the Community icon and check out the forum threads, you’ll find pinned threads at the top where you can instantly be part of a conversation, or scroll to see discussions started by members of the Sweat Community. During the Sweat Challenge, this is an amazing place to introduce yourself, share how you’re doing, find encouragement or be the cheerleader for someone else.

6. Level up with the latest health, fitness and wellbeing tips

Every month, you’ll also find a whole bunch of fresh new articles in the Community tab to educate and inspire you on your journey. We’ve got you covered from every angle, with science-backed tips to elevate your workouts, nutrition, sleep, recovery, goal-setting, mindset, better understand your menstrual cycle, advice from the Sweat trainers and so much more. 

Pop in, find an article that resonates with you and have a read!

7. Check out our recipe library

And finally, food. Set up your dietary preferences using the settings button in the Food tab, then browse away to your stomach’s content for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes to fuel your fitness any day of the week.

Join the incredible Sweat Community

We know we're stronger together

Seven days will go by so quickly, but there’s so much you can squeeze in to hit the ground running as the newest member of the Sweat Community. Try a few of these tips or try them all - we can’t wait to see what you achieve this week, and in every week to come.

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