Miss Out On The Sweat Challenge? It’s Time To Hit The Redo Button

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February 22, 2022

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Wish you could restart 2022? We hear you. For a lot of us, 2022 has been off to a pretty rocky start and those New Year plans to smash our goals with the Sweat Challenge didn’t go to plan - at ALL. 

Head Trainer Kayla Itsines had to take a break when she tested positive for Covid-19, Chontel Duncan gave birth to twins, Kelsey Wells underwent surgery, and Cass Olholm had both tonsillitis and Covid-19. 

Perhaps you’ve been navigating similar experiences, or unique challenges of your own with family, work, study and your mental health. Sometimes, the start of a new year simply isn’t the best time to start a new routine or find time for fitness and that’s ok too. 

Life happens, but we’ve got just the thing to get you back on track, kickstart your fitness and reset your goals with our 4-Week Redo Challenge. Make sure you’ve got the latest update of the Sweat app, and The Redo Challenge will be available!

When is it?

Launching on Monday 28 February, The Redo Challenge is a community event available for Sweat members within the Sweat app. Registration is open from Wednesday 23 February until Wednesday 9 March, and the challenge itself runs from Monday 28 February until Sunday 27 March. 

With four programs, four trainers and four training styles, there really is something for everyone. 

Sweat trainers Kayla, Kesley, Chontel and Cass have each designed a brand new full-body program you can do with minimal equipment, wherever you are. From the park, to the gym, to the comfort of your own home, this is all about making it work for you and giving you the chance to hit the reset button. 

Our trainers are excited and ready to cheer you on, support you through every Sweat session, and help you feel fitter, stronger and empowered to take on the year ahead.

Can you join if you just finished The Sweat Challenge?

Absolutely! If being part of a challenge is what keeps you motivated, committed and enjoying exercise, you’re more than welcome to register for The Redo Challenge straight after finishing The Sweat Challenge.

If you finished The Sweat Challenge and would rather pick a different program, try some On Demand workouts, or simply kick back and take a few rest days while you enjoy that amazing feeling of making it to the end, go for it. This is YOUR fitness journey. You do you!

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Which program is best for you?

Each program runs for four weeks, and includes a series of short, achievable and easy-to-follow workouts each week - whether you’re fitting it into your schedule first thing in the morning, on your lunch break, or between the third load of washing and home-schooling the kids. 

Even better, some of the programs require only minimum equipment  to make it as easy as possible to get started. But don’t be fooled - these sessions will still work your entire body and get you sweating. 

For all four programs, you’ll need a chair, skipping rope, resistance band and dumbells (or household items to substitute). Already have a whole range of equipment at home or love the gym environment? We’ve got you covered with programs that make use of kettlebells, bars, benches and plates. 

Each program has four workout options available each week and your goal is to complete two of them (or more if you’re feeling up to it!), plus some cardio throughout the week when you can such as walking. If you’re pushed for time or not feeling your best, there are 10-15 minute Express options too!

Kayla’s 4-Week High Intensity Redo Challenge

Get back into fitness with Kayla's most popular workout styles — from Full Body Bootcamp to Express Abs. You’ll be working up a Sweat with minimal equipment and heart-pumping exercises that will leave you feeling fit and strong! The workouts are 25-35 minutes and this program is recommended for an intermediate fitness level.

Kelsey’s 4-Week Full Body Strength Redo Challenge

This program will have you doing strength-based movements that utilise different training splits to build muscle and power. It’s suitable for all experience levels and will have you feeling strong and empowered — inside and out. 

Kelsey will have you doing body part split workouts (one day might have a legs focus, while the next training day might be back and shoulders). Each session will take you 35-45 minutes.

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Chontel’s 4-Week Full Body HIIT Redo Challenge

Get up and move with Chontel's signature fast-paced workouts. High-intensity and strength exercises make up the total body sessions (think AMRAP and Tabata), with a focus on your core to bring on the burn. This program won't be easy, but it'll be worth it. How long is each workout? 30 to 45 minutes.

Cass’ 4-Week High Intensity Strength Redo Challenge

Build strength, increase performance and improve your fitness in any environment — if you love the thrill of variety and a new challenge, this program will leave you feeling confident and ready to take on the year ahead.

These workouts are 30-45 minutes each, are for intermediate or advanced Sweat members, and require a bit more equipment too. Don’t let that scare you though - you don’t know what you’re capable of until you try and you can always reduce the difficulty if you need to!

Join the incredible Sweat Community

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Be part of the Sweat community

If your 2022 didn’t get off to the best start, you’re not alone and there are so many women around the world who feel exactly the same way as you and are ready to hit refresh. Join The Redo Challenge today and get ready to work out right alongside them!

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