Want To Move This Long Weekend? Try This Express Holiday Workout

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April 4, 2023 - Updated March 28, 2024

Want To Move This Long Weekend? Try This Express Holiday Workout - Hero image

Whether you’re planning on crafting an Easter hat, baking hot cross buns or searching your garden for some chocolate eggs this long weekend, we’re all about celebrating a fun and feel-good Easter break.

And while we’re happy to trade in the burpees for a visit from the Easter bunny, we know some of you are still looking to hop to it and squeeze a workout in over Easter. For so many of us, exercise is a way to get those endorphins flowing, enjoy fresh air, or tune out the world and have some me-time.

Looking to mix things up with a truly unique bodyweight workout? Why not try Kayla Itsines’ quick holiday workout and squeeze in a Sweat session in less than 15 minutes?

You can find the Express Holiday Workout in the On Demand section of the Sweat app or try it below. Just don’t forget to make time for a quick warm-up before you get started.

Circuit 1

4 Exercises / 3 Laps

Squat & High Reach


Circuit 2

2 Exercises / 3 Laps

Hover to Plank


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Ready for your first workout?

Enjoy your Easter

Don’t feel like working out this weekend? Don’t worry about it! Missing one day or one weekend of your training shouldn’t be something that causes you to feel stressed and it definitely won’t ruin your long-term progress. If Easter is a time when you love to sit back and relax - soak it up. Remember, it only comes around once a year! Chocolate for breakfast, anyone?

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