Free Full-Body Class From Barre With Britany

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Britany Williams

November 16, 2020

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Ready to try an at-home barre workout?

Barre with Britany is a six-week program you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Barre is a blend of traditional ballet exercises and Pilates and is designed to boost your strength, endurance, balance and coordination. SWEAT Trainer Britany’s unique style of barre will challenge you mentally and physically — her goal is to have you feeling your best self after her classes. 

If you’re new to barre, this is a great class to try — it’s suitable for all fitness levels, and you can do it at home, with minimal equipment.

Try this full-body barre workout

This Barre with Britany class can be done at home or in the gym. If you’re at home, you will need a mat, a chair, some hand weights. A 1.5kg (3lb) hand weight is a good option to start with — if you find you are struggling to perform the exercises with correct form, you should switch to a lower weight. If you don’t have hand weights, you can use household objects such as water bottles, or simply use your bodyweight as resistance.

This Full Body with Plank workout is from the first week of the program — it will introduce you to Britany’s training style, and she provides guidance on how to modify and substitute exercises throughout the class. 

The class is 42 minutes, and includes a warm up and cool down — get set for a great workout!

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Barre with Britany is a great option if you are a fitness beginner or returning to training after a break, as the program is designed to progressively build your strength and endurance with low-impact workouts. 

Work out anywhere, anytime with Sweat

Ready for your first workout?

Start your barre classes at home today

Barre with Britany has been designed to be done at home or in the gym. 

If you’re training at home, you can do Britany’s classes in small spaces, and because they are low-impact, they are also quiet workouts. To access, just make sure you have downloaded the latest version of SWEAT.

Barre with Britany is also a really effective program if your fitness goals are building strength and lengthening muscles — it’s at-home training you can start in the SWEAT app today.

Britany TrainerProfile
Britany Williams

I’m Britany, a NASM certified personal trainer, HIIT and barre instructor from Portland, Oregon. I became Sweat’s first Barre instructor in 2019 and have a range of fun and challenging barre, strength and pregnancy programs you can choose from.

Barre with Britany

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