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November 16, 2020

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If you’ve been sitting a lot or you’re feeling stressed, making time for mindful movement can help you to release tension and reconnect your body and mind. 

Sweat instructor Phyllicia Bonanno’s six-week Vinyasa yoga program begins with an introductory week to help you to learn the key poses. Phyllicia then guides you through a progressive practice to build a strong yoga foundation and explore some more challenging poses in the subsequent weeks. 

This class from Yoga with Phyllicia will help you to find balance and stretch tight areas of your body.  

Stretch and balance with Phyllicia

You can do this yoga class using a small space and a yoga mat. Simply press play and Phyllicia will guide you through each position, demonstrating the movement in the video. 

The full class is 35 minutes, including a gentle warm up and cool down. You might want to choose your own relaxing playlist to accompany Phyllicia’s voice as you unwind through movement. 

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Yoga has so many benefits, both mental and physical. Whether yoga is your primary form of exercise or you occasionally do a class, you will find both yoga programs and on-demand classes in the SWEAT app — to access either, just make sure you have downloaded the latest version. 

Phyllicia’s six-week yoga program includes three classes each week, with an introductory week to help you adjust to this style of movement. 

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Yoga with Phyllicia can help you find stability and inner peace

If you’ve never tried yoga before, then Yoga with Phyllicia is a great place to begin. 

During the six weeks of classes, Phyllicia will guide you through traditional poses and sequences, using accessible flows and providing modifications for the more challenging movements. 

Are you ready to try more yoga classes like this? Join SWEAT and find your flow with women all around the world. 

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