Love To Lift Weights? Try A Free PWR Strength Workout

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October 19, 2023

Love To Lift Weights? Try A Free PWR Strength Workout - Hero image

Ever since Kelsey Wells’ new PWR Strength program landed in the Sweat app, we’ve been inundated with love for this new weight training program.

“Through this new program, and through all that I do, I ultimately want to help women feel empowered to step into the gym and to step into their purpose and power in LIFE,” Kelsey said about her new program.

PWR Strength is a low-impact program that’s designed to help you build and strengthen your muscles. The best part? It’s all about lifting without a single jumping movement.

Kelsey is a huge fan of the benefits of this training style and created this program so all women could experience the physical, mental and emotional benefits that come with stepping into the weights room.

“There’s so much evidence available these days proving the benefits - not only can weight training help your cardiometabolic health and ability to perform daily movements, it can improve your bone health and bone density, boost your mood, cognitive function and self-esteem. The benefits are pretty remarkable,” says Kelsey.

Ready to give a workout from this incredible new gym-based program a go? We’ve got you. This free PWR Strength session is the perfect place to start.

We recommend you complete this 50-70 minute Glutes & Hamstrings workout in a fully-equipped gym, as you’ll need access to a cable machine, dumbbells, glute shaper, Olympic barbell and weight plates, prone leg curl and resistance band. This workout involves four main strength exercises, and you'll complete four sets of each exercise before moving on to the next exercise. You'll see below that your first three sets are for 6-8 reps and your final fourth set is for a higher number of reps, intended to be done with slightly lighter weights.

If you’re brand-new to weight training, we recommend focusing on getting comfortable with the exercises and equipment, experimenting to find what weight selection feels challenging for you, and moving with correct form.

If you're experienced with weight training, your lifts should feel challenging and you should be training close to failure. The weight you choose should feel like the heaviest you can handle while still maintaining proper form. Those last few reps of each set should feel tough but achievable - if you can’t complete the reps or your form becomes compromised, you’re lifting too heavy! Don't forget to rest between sets! We strongly recommend you take a full 90 seconds between each set. Taking this time will benefit your training in the long-term as it's the ideal rest time for hypertrophy-based training.  We reckon you’re going to love it. Get ready to lift yourself to a whole new level of strength.


2 Exercises / 3 Laps

Crab Walk

30 SECS 15 Per Side

Strength 1

4 Exercises


6/6/6/10 REPS

Strength 2

4 Exercises

Banded Hip Thrust

8/8/8/12 REPS

Strength 3

4 Exercises

Hamstring Curl

8/8/8/12 REPS

Strength 4

4 Exercises

Hip Extension

8/8/8/12 REPS


2 Exercises / 3 Laps

Goblet Sumo Squat

16 REPS 8 Per Side

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