Try A Free Workout From Katie Martin’s Strength & Pilates Program

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September 25, 2023

Try A Free Workout From Katie Martin’s Strength & Pilates Program - Hero image

In her latest Sweat program, trainer Katie Martin combined her two go-to training styles, strength training and Pilates, to create 12 weeks of workouts to help you reap the benefits of both.

Her incredible Strength & Pilates program is designed to help you build strength across your large muscle groups, improve muscular control or imbalances, work your deep core muscles and have an effective, efficient workout.

It’s the perfect program if you want to mix up your training or have been looking to include elements of Pilates in your strength training routine. Katie is so proud of this program - and has followed it herself! - because she loves how well the contrasting styles of movement complement each other.

“This program is designed to increase your strength, target any muscular imbalances and work your deep core muscles like never before,” says Katie.

“It is honestly probably my favourite way to train and how I truly train myself.”

For our final free workout of Sweat-ember, you can now try this popular program for yourself! Over the past month, we’ve been bringing you free workouts, self-care tips, fitness advice and plenty of feel-good ways to show up for yourself.

We started with a free OG Kayla session, followed by a Strength & Barre workout from Brit and Kelsey Wells' efficient and effective PWR Express workout, and now it’s time to finish Sweat-ember with a bang, aka a killer abs session from Katie.

This workout is equipment-free, so you can try it at home with a yoga mat (don’t forget to take 60 seconds of rest between each lap!), but to follow her Strength & Pilates program in full you would need a variety of free weights, machines, resistance bands and a Pilates ball, so we would recommend training in a gym.

Mega Set

5 Exercises / 5 Laps

Mega Set

5 Exercises / 5 Laps

Side Plank


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