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February 19, 2024 - Updated March 19, 2024

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Come on. Admit it. You're less likely to work out in March than you were at the start of 2024. And you’re not alone. 

There's nothing quite like the start of a new year to reset your goals and commit to putting yourself first. But then... life happens. Work begins to ramp up. The gym clears out again. The home/work/life juggle continues to intensify. And that 5 am alarm clock? Well, the snooze button has never looked more tempting. 

So how do you recommit when your motivation takes a hit? How do you keep saying yes to your goals and make fitness a feel-good part of your routine? The good news is you don’t need a new year or even a new month to reset your fitness goals and reboot your routine with Sweat. And we’ve got a collection of 3, 4 and 6-week challenge programs to help set you up for success. 

We’ve launched five brand-new mini challenge programs and refreshed some Sweat Community favourites so you can pick the start date of your next challenge with Sweat. Because we’re here to keep you motivated, every single day of the year.

What are Sweat's mini challenge programs?

There are now 11 mini challenge programs available in the Sweat app, including brand-new programs from Katie Martin, Laura Roberts, Britany Williams, Kelsey Wells and Kelly MacDonald and refreshed workouts from Kayla Itsines. The beauty of these challenge programs is that you can pick the start date - these challenges are here to help you smash your goals all year round. 

Here’s the full line-up of our goal-based mini challenges: 

  • Back & Glutes Challenge with Katie Martin (new)

  • Lifting Masterclass Challenge with Laura Roberts (new)

  • 4-week Strong Glutes Gym Challenge with Kelsey Wells (new)

  • The Daily 10 Challenge with Britany Williams (new) 

  • 3-week Lengthen & Strengthen Challenge with Kelly MacDonald (new)

  • 3-week Ab Burn Challenge with Kayla Itsines (refreshed)

  • 4-week Strong Glutes Challenge with Kelsey Wells (refreshed)

  • 2-week Energy Boost Challenge with Kayla Itsines

  • 3-week Core & Body Connection Challenge with Sara Colquhoun

  • 4-week Body Burn Challenge with Cass Olholm

  • 4-week Boxing Fit Challenge with Monica Jones

Want to give one of these mini challenge programs a go? Simply click on your profile in the top right corner of the Sweat app, select “Manage My Program” and select your challenge from the program list.

NEW: Back & Glutes Challenge with Katie Martin

This four-week challenge from Katie Martin is focused on strengthening and toning your posterior chain - that’s the muscles down the back side of your body such as your glutes, hamstrings, back and calves. You have three 30-40 minute strength workouts each week designed to be completed in a fully-equipped gym, and the exercises change each week for added variety and challenge!

NEW: Lifting Masterclass Challenge with Laura Roberts

This four-week challenge from Laura Roberts is all about building strength, power and developing your Olympic-style lifting skills with three full-body workouts each week. Each session will take you 40-50 minutes to complete and includes a mix of heavy compound lifts and accessory movements.

NEW: 4-Week Strong Glutes Gym Challenge with Kelsey Wells

This four-week challenge from Kelsey Wells is all about strengthening your glutes in the gym. Get ready for three 40-50 minute workouts each week, plus a 30-minute Glutes & Abs session. Each week focuses on the same exercises to allow you to log your weights and see progression as you work through activations, strength sets, supersets and burnouts.

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NEW: The Daily 10 Challenge with Britany Williams

This new four-week challenge from Britany Williams is short, sharp and you only need a chair or ottoman to get started. The aim is to move your body for at least 10 minutes a day, with five 10-minute workouts and two cardio sessions each week. The workouts are low-impact and need minimal space, making this challenge perfect for beginner fitness levels, busy lifestyles or working out on the go!

NEW: 3-Week Lengthen & Strengthen Challenge with Kelly MacDonald

This three-week challenge from Kelly MacDonald is focused on improving your mobility and strength, with two upper-body and two lower-body workouts each week that will take you 30-45 minutes to complete. Your goal is to improve your strength and range of motion in all areas of the body, setting yourself up for better movement habits, faster recovery, and less pain or injuries. To get the most out of this challenge, it’s best to train in a gym with access to a wide range of equipment, but you could also use the exercise substitutions feature to train at home.

REFRESHED: 3-Week Ab Burn Challenge with Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines’ Ab Burn Challenge is a three-week core-focused program that integrates abdominal exercises, high-intensity and full-body movements. You’ll improve your strength, stability and posture with workouts that can be completed anywhere, with no equipment — in 20 minutes or less. The short and effective workouts are the perfect addition to any training program for anyone who wants to improve their core strength and experience Kayla’s signature “ab-burn”.

If you’ve already completed this three-week challenge, we’ve just released a fresh collection of Ab Burn workouts available in the On Demand section of the app under “Series”!

REFRESHED: 4-Week Strong Glutes Challenge with Kelsey Wells

Kelsey Wells’ Strong Glutes Challenge is a member-favourite four-week program that uses efficient strength training workouts to help you build, shape and strengthen your glutes. While the 15-35 minute workouts still focus on strengthening muscle in your lower body and challenging your core strength, Kelsey has refreshed this challenge with a range of new exercises! Train at home or the gym, with an optional upper body workout to improve your overall strength and stability so you can feel powerful and more confident.

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2-Week Energy Boost Challenge with Kayla Itsines

Need to recharge? Boost your energy, feel positive and get ready to take on your day with Kayla Itsines’ Energy Boost Challenge. The two-week program includes 20 to 30-minute high-intensity circuit-style workouts that will challenge you — and leave you feeling unstoppable. The full-body workouts alternate in intensity to help you improve your strength and fitness at home so you have more energy for the activities you love.

3-Week Core & Body Connection Challenge with Sara Colquhoun

Feel connected to your core with Sara Colquhoun’s three-week mat Pilates program. This challenge program can be completed at home or in the gym with minimal equipment. The 15 to 40-minute classes include a variety of balance-based exercises to stabilise and strengthen your core whilst improving flexibility and posture.

4-Week Body Burn with Cass Olholm

Challenge your strength, speed and performance with Cass Olholm’s non-stop high-intensity cardio workouts. Cass’ Body Burn Challenge will help you increase your fitness and master explosive movements over four weeks. You’ll feel the burn of progress with 20 to 30-minute workouts that include a combination of high-intensity and strength exercises to get you sweating from start to finish.

4-Week Boxing Fit Challenge with Monica Jones

Increase your strength, speed and agility with Monica Jones’ Boxing Fit Challenge. The explosive four-week challenge will help you feel fit and empowered as you master powerful boxing combinations, increase muscular endurance and build full-body strength with time-based exercises, suitable for an intermediate level of fitness. The 15 to 30-minute workouts require no equipment — just your bodyweight.

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