Meet Your Newest Sweat Trainer, Fleur East

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August 8, 2022

Meet Your Newest Sweat Trainer, Fleur East - Hero image

She’s a singer, TV presenter, radio host, qualified personal trainer and all-round legend, and now Fleur East is adding a new role to her CV: Sweat Trainer!

One of the UK’s most beloved (and busiest!) media personalities, Fleur knows first-hand that your fitness journey isn’t always linear.

“I’ve had so many ups and downs,” Fleur says, acknowledging she struggled with exercise at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic when she was dealing with the challenge of lockdown while mourning the death of her beloved dad.

“Being out of the gym and out of my usual routine was really difficult, but also dealing with grief and not having the motivation to train was hard. But at the same time, fitness was actually what pulled me through that dark time and was my saviour so I’m very thankful for that.”

Fleur’s trademark honesty - she’s the first to admit how tough it can be to return to exercise after a break and knows what it’s like to struggle with motivation - is one of her biggest strengths as a trainer. She wants women to know everyone’s invited when it comes to training with her in her new program, Energising HIIT with Fleur.

Energising HIIT with Fleur

This 6-week high-intensity program is perfect for anyone with a beginner or intermediate level of fitness, and is designed to build your strength and cardio fitness with a fun combination of HIIT and strength workouts you can do from home.

Fleur’s own approach to fitness has changed over time, and her own learnings are embedded in this new program, which is designed to help make exercise something you truly enjoy.

“It’s so important not to see fitness or exercise as a quick fix or as a punishment. I have chosen to find the fun in fitness so that I can make it enjoyable,” Fleur says.

“I love HIIT because I like to work out to time and have short bursts of work,” she says. “My philosophy is “nothing worth having comes easy” so as I push through the pain, I know the reward is on the other side.”

So much has changed for Fleur in the two years since the pandemic and the loss of her father turned her world on its head. So what does she wish she could tell the March 2020 version of herself?

“Don’t be so hard on yourself. Take your time, you may not think you will get back to feeling great, but you will. Keep pushing!”

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Ready to try Fleur’s new program?

Train with Fleur East to build your strength and cardio fitness with a combination of HIIT and strength workouts in a fun follow-along format that you can do anywhere, anytime!

Who is this program for?

Energising HIIT with Fleur is a 6-week high-intensity program that’s suitable for anyone with a beginner or intermediate level of fitness. You’ll only need minimal equipment to get started so it’s perfect for anyone who loves to Sweat at home.

What is included in Energising HIIT with Fleur?

You’ll be doing two 25-35 minute guided workouts each week, one full-body AMRAP session and another full-body Strength & Power workout. Fleur will encourage and guide you through the movements so it will feel like you’re training together in real-time.

Want more Fleur in your life? There’s also an optional Express Full Body Blast workout each week.

What equipment will you need?

To get started, all you need is a set of dumbbells and an exercise mat. If you don’t have dumbbells, you can substitute household items such as milk cartons filled with sand or water.

What will you achieve?

If you’re looking to maintain a consistent workout schedule, improve your strength and cardio fitness, increase your energy and feel great about yourself before, during AND after your workouts, Fleur is here to challenge and motivate you as you work out together.

Work out anywhere, anytime with Sweat

Ready for your first workout?

How to find Fleur’s program

Ready to start training alongside Fleur East? If you want to make Energising HIIT with Fleur your new Sweat program, click your profile in the top right corner, scroll down to ‘Manage My Program’ and then tap on ‘Program’.

You’ll then be able to see all of the programs available in the Sweat app. Once you find Energising HIIT with Fleur, tap on the program and hit the ‘Start Program’ button.

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