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December 15, 2022 - Updated December 15, 2022

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Now that Strength & Sculpt is available in the Sweat app, it’s about time we got to know the mastermind behind the program a little better. 

Katie Martin is an Australian personal trainer, cookbook author and the owner of her own activewear line, and she’s ready to inject some new life (and a whole lot of weight lifting) into your workout routine

But first things first, what’s Katie’s story?

Every fitness journey starts somewhere

Katie was one of those kids who did every sport under the sun at school (including dance) and in her final years of high school, she made it her mission to complete her fitness certifications.

Growing up in Australia and being immersed in sports from an early age, leading an active lifestyle was always something that felt natural to her, but it was when she began studying to be a personal trainer that she fell in love with helping others to lead healthier, happier lifestyles. 

Although her love of fitness is still just as strong, her relationship with movement has evolved over time, and she now looks back and can see just how much her “why” has changed. 

“When I first started in the fitness industry my goals were very aesthetic and I wanted to look a certain way, but now that I'm older I have found that chasing a certain body type or reflection in the mirror isn’t the be-all and end-all. Now, I train for optimal health and longevity.”

“I train to feel strong, fit and confident and discover what my body is capable of doing. I focus on goals such as ageing gracefully without illness, maintaining healthy muscles and minimising my risk of arthritis and osteoporosis. Focusing on these things allows me to look at fitness as a lifestyle rather than how many calories I can burn and this is something I constantly try to instil in my clients and followers, too.”

Katie’s fitness philosophy

In case you hadn’t figured it out from the name of Katie’s new program, Strength & Sculpt, strength training is her bread and butter. Lifting weights and challenging her body in the gym is how Katie loves to train, how she trains her clients, and how she has designed and structured her Sweat program. 

“I wish I had known earlier that lifting weights will NOT make you bulky,” she laughs. “But it will make you stronger, healthier and more confident. It’s my favourite training style and I absolutely love the way my program makes me feel all year round.”

Strength training isn’t just about looking and feeling good for Katie, it’s also about creating sustainable fitness habits, preventing injury, and improving your posture, mobility, bone and heart health. 

“We put so much emphasis on defining how ‘good’ a workout is based on numbers on smartwatches, but there are two things wrong with measuring your workouts this way. You are more than the numbers on your watch and there is so much more to be gained from your training.”

Katie says as soon as you shift your perspective on your training to focus on strength gains and increased cardio capacity, the more you’ll enjoy it and the more likely it will become a daily ritual you look forward to rather than a chore. Her non-negotiables for optimal physical and mental health? Strength training three times a week, walking approximately ten thousand steps a day, and making your recovery and stretching a priority.   

“You are more than a workout, you are more than just a number on your watch and you are sure as hell more than just a number on the scales. Be strong, be fit, be healthy and the rest will come.”

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Katie’s biggest source of motivation

As if all these strength training benefits weren’t enough to keep Katie on track, there’s something else that motivates her week in, week out.

“It sounds very cliche but I am definitely someone who pushes to be better than the day, week, month or year before. The idea of constant progression really motivates me and I think that’s why I love my training style - I can constantly see progress and challenge myself to get stronger!”

There’s something so empowering about seeing what you are capable of, physically and mentally, and tracking my progress gives me a confidence boost that I can take beyond the gym and apply to my daily life. It has allowed me to create a deeper appreciation for my body and see it as more than just a reflection in a mirror. I now see strength training as a ‘thank you’ to my body and a form of exercise that I look forward to each week.”

Katie’s wisdom for beginners

Whether it’s your first time in a gym, your first time using certain pieces of gym equipment, or the exercises in Katie’s program are new territory for you, she wants to remind you that everyone starts somewhere and no one expects you to be perfect straight off the bat. Start light, work on your form first and then increase the weights once you feel comfortable.

“I have been lifting weights for eight years now and I am still correcting my technique at times,” she says. “But every time you walk into the gym and work on your technique and strength, you are going to improve. And if you’ve got questions, don’t be afraid to ask! Either message me on social media or do your own research if there’s something you don’t understand.”

Katie’s favourites

Workout wisdom aside, who is Katie Martin? Well, her coffee order is a long black, her perfect Sunday involves a heap of family and beach time, her top three meals include chilli prawn pasta, slow-cooked lamb shoulder, and grilled fish and chips, and one of our personal faves when it comes to Katie is her values. 

“Be kind when others aren't, be early - your time is not more important than anyone else's, and tell people you love them.”

Katie, we’re planning on doing your program in the Sweat app anyway, but… can we be friends?

Work out anywhere, anytime with Sweat

Ready for your first workout?

Strength & Sculpt is available now in the Sweat app and Katie is beyond excited to finally share it with the world.

“I just can’t wait for women all over the world to feel the same way I do after my sessions. I’ve always dreamt of being able to help women feel more confident, healthier and stronger beyond the time I can spend physically on the gym floor. To be an advocate for strength training and be able to share it with others excites me more than anything!”

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