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December 12, 2023 - Updated December 12, 2023

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As anyone who has been on a fitness journey will know - it’s a ride full of ups, downs and surprises. But to have what it takes to get where you want to go, you have to be willing to try things you never have, push yourself in new ways, and keep going even when the going gets tough. You have to be willing to get comfortable with being uncomfortable - and that’s exactly what Sweat’s new trainer Laura Roberts is all about. 

Her 6-week program, Lift with Laura, is now available exclusively in the Sweat app, and we’re already hearing how much the Sweat Community is loving it. There’s something incredibly exciting about embarking on a journey that’s going to show you what you’re truly capable of, and Lift with Laura ticks that box. One of the best parts is - Laura’s own fitness journey is the perfect example of just how much is possible when you set your mind to it. 

Yes, she’s here to help you fall in love with lifting, but the more we get to know her, the more we reckon you’ll fall in love with her, too.

Laura’s day one

It’s easy to look at someone like Laura and think she’s been a competitive CrossFit athlete her entire life or that she was born with a six-pack, but Laura is adamant that she knows exactlyhow it feels to be a beginner, and she’s ready to support you no matter where you are in your journey. 

After playing sports and running track throughout her schooling years, Laura took a break from her active lifestyle to soak up life as a social teen. She knew the balance wasn’t right when later on, her motivation, energy and happiness had taken a hit, and she signed up for a 12-week challenge at her local gym. 

“It was a women’s only gym, too,” Laura told us, remembering what it felt like to start all over again. “I was way too nervous to go anywhere else!”

She had lost all strength, power and fitness over those few years, but the feeling of being healthy, fit and confident again was unbeatable, and she was hooked. What followed was years of group fitness classes, until the day she discovered CrossFit and the game changed completely.

“I couldn’t do a pull-up when I first started, but I remember feeling so strong and getting addicted to it. Where I am now has taken years of hard work towards becoming the best version of myself and although I now compete competitively in the CrossFit space, I feel like it’s a never-ending journey! Learning and becoming at least 1% better each day became my main goal. Once I achieve something, I’m like okay what’s next?!” 

And that’s exactly the mindset she wants you to channel when it comes to your own fitness journey. 

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Let lifting change your life

Lifting isn’t just about getting stronger and seeing what you’re capable of in the gym - it can also be a vehicle to level up your confidence and outlook in every aspect of your life. 

“It quite literally has changed my life,” Laura says, explaining how she has never felt such a sense of confidence in herself, and the domino effect on her personal life and her professional life has been monumental.

“When I was a lot younger, my training was more focused on aesthetics and thinking I needed to look a certain way or be a certain weight to finally feel good, fit or healthy. I think a lot of women can relate to that. But over the years I have really changed how I perceive fitness and health as a whole.”

“My philosophy now is to celebrate what my body can do and what it does for me each day. Whether that be learning a new skill or increasing my strength and fitness - I see training as such a gift that we get to do and should celebrate. I hope I can inspire women to achieve more than they thought was possible and feel empowered to celebrate what their bodies do for them each day. We can do hard things, set goals and smash them, all whilst having fun and enjoying training!”

Making it work amongst the madness

Before you assume that lifting and coaching is Laura’s full-time gig, it ain’t. She also works as international cabin crew, meaning she knows exactly what it’s like to juggle fitness with a hectic schedule, work out at weird times of day, or give it a miss when life just isn’t playing ball. Her top tips for a busy lifestyle?

  • Prioritise rest and always listen to your body

  • Get an early night's sleep if you want to train before work

  • Any movement is better than none so utilise Express workouts in the Sweat app or at-home workouts

  • Prioritise what’s most important. For Laura, achieving her training goals is just as meaningful as working hard in her career and being a good friend and family member.

  • For anyone travelling lots, moving between time zones or doing shift work, it’s super challenging! Laura just tries to maintain a routine when possible, and always has running as her exercise back-up if there’s no access to a good space or equipment. 

  • Give yourself some grace when things get too much - it’s normal for your focus or what feels like your 100% to change throughout different periods of your life. 

  • Each week, make sure you’re not taking on too much and reassess what needs more or less of your energy.

  • Make sure your body is well-fuelled - you can’t expect good energy, performance, recovery and progress without good nutrition and enough food. If you’re unsure what you need and are training hard, a sports dietician can make a big difference!

  • Always make time for the fun stuff to keep your cup full. 

Work out anywhere, anytime with Sweat

Ready for your first workout?

Get ready to do hard things

About to get started on your lifting journey with Laura? Heck yes. She wants you to know you’re so much stronger than you think, and there’s so much power to be found when you start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

“You’ve got to do the hard things,” she says. “Don’t avoid the exercises that are a weakness. Do them consistently and they will become a strength. And finally - speak to yourself in ways that are positive and kind on your training journey. How we speak to ourselves becomes what we believe about ourselves, so make sure it’s encouraging!”

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