All 24 Weeks Of OG Kayla Are Back For Good

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June 26, 2023 - Updated February 12, 2024

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We know you had been searching high and low for Kayla’s original PDF workouts, which is why we brought them back for the 2023 Sweat Challenge. And  in a Sweat Challenge first, OG Kayla stayed in the Sweat app after the challenge ended as a 12-week program. 

That’s right. The guide that so many of you know and love (or have heard about and always wanted to try) is here for good. OG Kayla is the ULTIMATE way to level up your training and the first 12 weeks have been available exclusively in the Sweat app since August 2023. 

In more exciting news, we’ve just dropped Block 2 of OG Kayla in the Sweat app - that’s weeks 12-24! 

Whether you’re loving training OG style again and want to continue on your journey or are ready to find out just how tough Kayla’s original program was, we’re so excited for you to experience all 24 weeks of this iconic program..

Eight exercises. Four rounds. Just 28 minutes of work. It's time to say yes to your fitness goals. 

What is OG Kayla?

OG Kayla is the original 24-week high-intensity program that helped so many women kickstart and level up their fitness journeys. It brought together an incredible community of women who were united in their health and fitness goals and came together to achieve them. For Kayla, this program isn’t just about fitness, it’s about a feeling of family.

This is one of Kayla’s toughest programs and women around the world have been asking her to bring it back for years. 

Who is OG Kayla for?

Perhaps you’re an OG member yourself (remember printing out those PDFs?) or maybe you have always wanted the chance to give Kayla’s original program a go. Perhaps your fitness routine needs a revamp and a new challenge is exactly what you’re in the mood for. Your time is now. 

OG Kayla is TOUGH but with workouts clocking in at just 28 minutes of training time, Kayla wants you to know every session makes for an efficient and effective workout. 

“I’m excited for the OG members to do this program again, to have it back in their life and to feel that motivation and dedication again,” Kayla says. “And for new members, I am so excited that you have no idea what you’re about to embark on.”

This program is best suited for women who already have a base level of fitness due to the intensity, but the challenge is worth it. You can complete the first 12 weeks of this program at home or in the gym with dumbbells, a bench, skipping rope and medicine ball. In weeks 13-24, a barbell is introduced, but you could continue to use dumbbells instead.

“What I love most about this program is the fact that you don’t really need me,” says Kayla. “It’s YOU. You do this by yourself, for yourself, and that’s what I love about it.” 

How does the program work?

There are three weekly workouts split between Legs, Arms & Abs, and Full Body, plus weekly low-intensity cardio sessions. Every second week from week 14 onwards, you have an additional optional fourth Full Body session. Each workout consists of four 7-minute circuits for a total of 28 minutes of work. Each circuit involves four exercises with a short rest in between each circuit.

If you’ve finished weeks 1-12, get ready for Block 2! Weeks 13-24 feature some more advanced exercises to keep you feeling challenged, such as weighted jump lunges, barbell close squats and triple-pulse bench jumps.

What's the difference between OG Kayla and High Intensity?

High Intensity with Kayla was designed using the exact same format as OG Kayla (four 7-minute circuits for a total of 28 minutes of work), but many exercises were modified and some of the weights or pieces of equipment were removed to make it more accessible for all fitness levels. If you're up for a challenge, OG Kayla is where it's at!

Connect with the community

If you’ve ever worked out with Kayla before, you know one of the most powerful parts of the fitness experience with Kayla is the sense of community and connection.

“When I released my original program, I had no idea it would unite a global community of women all over the world,” says Kayla. “A group of women that attended meet-ups, came to bootcamps and supported each other every step of the way. They were strong, determined and passionate. They became each other’s family.”

Kayla says it’s these women's stories that motivate her day in and day out. They have made her realise that there is so much more to fitness than working out. And now it’s time for you to join in.

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How to try OG Kayla

Ready to give OG Kayla a go? If you’ve followed OG Kayla during the Sweat Challenge, you’ll know just how awesome this program is. Haven’t given it a go yet? All 24 weeks of OG Kayla are available in the Sweat app now!

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