Raise The Barre With A Free Britany Williams’ Workout

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September 15, 2023

Raise The Barre With A Free Brit Williams’ Workout - Hero image

In her most recent Sweat Challenge program, trainer Britany Williams combined her two signature training styles to create one epic program: Strength & Barre.

The program quickly became a fan-favourite over the course of the 6-week challenge and is now a permanent Sweat program. Not only that, but on 28 August we dropped an additional six weeks of workouts, meaning there are now 12 weeks of Strength & Barre in the Sweat app for you to enjoy.

This program features plenty of variety thanks to the contrasting training styles and can be done with minimal equipment. Ready to experience Strength & Barre for yourself? Try this free Barre Arms & Abs session from Week 9 of Brit’s program. The burn is so good.

This workout is brought to you as part of Sweat-ember, where we deliver you 30 days of free workouts, self-care tips, fitness advice and feel-good ways to show up for yourself, all month long. Last week it was this epic OG legs session from head trainer Kayla Itsines!

If you’re a Sweat member, you’ll be able to find all your Sweat-ember workouts in the On Demand section of your app under “Sweat-ember Workouts”. Members will also find a bonus cardio session from Strength & Barre here, too!

To work out using the videos below, grab a yoga mat, some dumbbells and a timer. You'll follow Britany through six sequences, here's how long each one should take you:

  • Warm-up series: 4 minutes followed by 45 seconds rest to get into next position

  • Arms series: 8 minutes followed by 45 seconds rest to get into next position

  • Back, shoulders & arms series: 8 minutes followed by 45 seconds rest to get into next position

  • Plank series: 4 minutes followed by 45 seconds rest to get into next position

  • Core series: 4 minutes followed by 60 seconds rest to get into next position

  • Cool-down series: 5 minutes

Warm Up

1 Poses

WU 5 - Upper Body Focus


1 Poses



1 Poses


Plank Sequence

1 Poses



1 Poses


Cool Down

1 Poses

CD 4 - Full Body Focus

Don’t forget to download your free Sweat-ember calendar and join in the conversation on the Forum to let us know how you’re taking part.

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Train with Britany in the Sweat app

If you loved that workout you might want to give Strength & Barre or one of Brit’s other programs a try. Brit has five programs available in the Sweat app: Barre with Britany, High Intensity Barre with Britany, Ignite Strength with Britany, Strength & Barre with Britany and Pregnancy Barre with Britany.

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