Strength & Sculpt: Lift Your Game With Katie Martin

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December 15, 2022

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Have you been looking for a strength training program to build your strength, muscle definition and confidence lifting weights in the gym? Well, you can thank Sweat Trainer Katie Martin, because we think you're going to love her Strength & Sculpt program. 

Katie’s 24-week strength training program has been designed for women who train in a gym-based environment, using a combination of machines and free weights to build muscular strength and definition while reaping all the amazing benefits of strength training

Strength & Sculpt is exactly how Katie loves to train and how she has been training other women for years! Now, you can work out with her in the Sweat app from wherever you are. 

Who is Strength & Sculpt for?

Strength & Sculpt is ideal for anyone with an intermediate or advanced fitness level who is looking to progress their weight training. But don’t worry, there are also helpful exercise substitutions and regressions if you’re a beginner, new to lifting weights or are training at home

To get started with this 24-week program you’ll need a range of gym equipment and machines, so it’s best if you have access to a gym or a great home set-up.

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How is Strength & Sculpt structured?

During the first six-week block, you’ll progressively increase your training load to challenge your entire body with 3-4 workouts each week - there are upper, lower and full body sessions, plus an optional fourth workout. 

Alongside these 40-50 minute strength workouts, the program includes LISS (low-intensity steady state cardio), high-intensity cardio sessions and one weekly recovery session.

The lower, upper and full-body workouts each have superset and triset sections - superset meaning two exercises performed back to back with minimal rest, and triset meaning three!  In Block 2 (weeks 7-12), the full body day changes to a mega set day to help you focus on muscular endurance, avoid plateaus and allow you to smash your lower and upper body days with less fatigue. In Block 3 (weeks 13-18), the exercise complexity, training volume and heavy lifts increase to help you progress. The upper and lower body days now follow the strength and mega set format, with supersets and trisets for your full body day. In Block 4 (weeks 19-24), the complexity and volume increases again to keep challenged and avoid plateaus. Sets increase from three to four laps, and your weekly workout split now changes to Lower Body, Chest & Shoulders, Back & Hamstrings, and an optional Mega Set.

What equipment will you need?

Strength & Sculpt is designed to be completed in the gym, but can also be done with a good home gym set-up! To get started you’ll need a barbell and plates, dumbbells, cable machine, chin-up bar, bench, kettlebell, lat pulldown, leg press machine, smith machine, back extension bench, Swiss ball and resistance bands. We can feel the burn already! 

You can also use the exercise and equipment substitution feature in the Sweat app to find alternative exercises or substitute pieces of equipment.

What will you achieve?

Katie’s program aims to help women build their strength and muscle definition by progressively increasing the workout intensity over 24 weeks. As your reps get higher and you start to feel confident lifting heavier weights, get ready to feel your muscles and confidence grow. 

Strength training is Katie’s favourite way to move her body, and she’s pretty certain you’re going to love it just as much once you get started!

Work out anywhere, anytime with Sweat

Ready for your first workout?

Try Strength & Sculpt Today

Strength & Sculpt is available now, exclusively in the Sweat app. If you want to train alongside Katie and discover just how strong you really are, click your profile in the top right corner of the app, scroll down to ‘Manage My Program’ and then tap on ‘Program.’ Then, you’ll be able to see all of the programs available in the Sweat app. Once you find Strength & Sculpt with Katie, tap on the program and hit the ‘Start Program’ button.

Feeling stronger starts with a single rep. Katie’s brought the program, you bring the energy. Are you ready?

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