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December 1, 2020

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Yoga with Ania

Ania Tippkemper is a yoga instructor based in Dusseldorf, Germany, and she has prepared six exclusive weeks of her unique yoga classes for you to complete, alongside women everywhere, during the Sweat Challenge. You don’t need any equipment except a mat, but if you have a blanket, a bolster or cushion, or a yoga block, you can use these throughout the practice. 

There will be three classes each week, each taking around 30-45 minutes, focusing on the full body, stretching and balance, and dynamic movement. Ania will guide you through the Sweat Challenge and you can follow her and Sweat on social media for motivation and inspiration throughout the six-week challenge. 

For the Sweat Challenge, Yoga with Ania also includes rest days and recommended low-intensity cardio to complement the strength and flexibility classes, and help you to achieve overall health and balance. 

If you want to experience this powerful yoga program before you decide to sign up for Yoga with Ania for the Sweat Challenge, this dynamic yoga class will give you a taste of Ania’s training style. 

Yoga with Phyllicia

Phyllicia Bonanno’s yoga workouts for the Sweat Challenge are perfect if you’re new to practising yoga and want to enjoy a slower flow as you learn yoga technique. 

Phyllicia’s program for the Sweat Challenge includes three yoga flows each week, giving you the time and space to find your position and move with your breath. 

There are rest days included, and low-intensity cardio workouts to help you pursue your best health and fitness. 

Phyllicia, a yoga instructor from New Jersey in the US, will be providing guidance and support throughout the six weeks of the Sweat Challenge. You can follow her, and Sweat, on social media for regular motivation and to connect with the strong community of women sharing the yoga practice with you. 

To get an idea of Phyllicia’s teaching style, this stretch and balance class is accessible for you, right now. Phyllicia provides modifications throughout the class. You don’t need to be flexible to try yoga, just follow her guidance through this gentle practice. 

BAM (Body And Mind) by Sjana

Sjana Elise Earp is Sweat’s Australian yoga instructor. During the six week challenge, her BAM program will guide you through three weekly yoga flows, each taking 28 minutes, to build strength and flexibility. There are yin yoga sessions for recovery, and each week the focus workout will guide you to progress towards the splits. 

Yoga flows in BAM are broken into segments with a short rest between each to allow you to catch your breath and prepare for the next flow. 

Just like the other Sweat programs, there are recommended low-intensity cardio sessions to complement your yoga practice and promote overall health and well being. 

How do you join the Sweat Challenge?

For those already using Sweat, join the Challenge by tapping the pink “Join the Challenge” banner that appears in your app. If you don’t see the banner, update to the latest version of the Sweat app in Google Play or the App Store. 

If you aren’t a member of Sweat, now is the perfect time to join! Download the Sweat app and subscribe to join thousands of women worldwide in the Sweat Challenge. 

When you join the Challenge, you will be able to select your program for the six weeks. Don’t worry if you aren’t totally sure which one you want to do, you can change your program at any time. 

Once you’ve signed up, you can try out workouts from the different programs to help you decide which program to follow during the Sweat Challenge. Your challenge workouts will appear on Monday, January 11, 2021.

The past year has been a rollercoaster for women everywhere, but the Sweat Challenge is an opportunity for you to use mindful movement to reconnect with your body, feel more grounded, and find a sense of stability in the new year. 

The six-week Sweat Challenge includes three Vinyasa yoga programs, led by instructors Ania Tippkemper, Phyllicia Bonanno and Sjana Elise. It’s also a chance to join a community of women from around the world, for encouragement as you pursue your best health — the Sweat Community is here to support you.

If you want to practice mindfulness, move with your breath, and focus on increasing your flexibility, a yoga program may be the perfect option for your 2021 Sweat Challenge.

What yoga programs are in the 2021 Sweat Challenge?

For the first time, there are now three yoga programs you can choose from during the Sweat Challenge. 

What if you miss the start of the Sweat Challenge?

The exclusive Sweat Challenge yoga programs are available from Monday, January 11 until Sunday, February 22 2021 — so join before the Challenge begins so you don’t miss any of the exclusive yoga classes!

If you do miss the beginning of the Challenge, you can still join up until Sunday, January 31, 2021. 

After this date, if you leave the Sweat Challenge, you won’t be able to rejoin. To have the full experience of these exclusive yoga classes you’ll need to stay in the Sweat Challenge for the whole six weeks. . 

The Sweat Challenge is all about community and connection as we Sweat together, so sign up to the Sweat Community and follow @sweat to connect with other women doing the Challenge!

What happens at the end of the Sweat Challenge?

After the Challenge, you can choose to continue your Sweat program from where you left off, start at a different week in your program, or start a new program.

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Find your flow and connect with like-minded women

If you are in a place in your fitness journey where your focus is on relieving stress and nourishing your body through movement, choosing one of the yoga programs for the Sweat Challenge can help you to relax and reset. 

A consistent yoga practice can help you to find peace and stillness, as well as strengthening your body. If you need a fresh perspective, take this opportunity to start an at-home yoga practice with the support of the Sweat Community!

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