What Is Yoga With Ania?

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November 16, 2020

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Yoga with Ania is a six-week Vinyasa yoga program that you can find exclusively in the latest version of the SWEAT app

Vinyasa yoga is simply moving with your breath. This style of yoga flows through the various yoga poses, enabling you to experience the beauty of movement as you cultivate a more mindful awareness of your body. 

Ania’s program is an athletic style of yoga that will stretch you to gain confidence in your ability and balance as you move your body. 

What is Yoga with Ania?

This six-week at-home yoga program introduces you to Ania’s unique yoga style in the first week before exploring a further five weeks of powerful flows and non-traditional poses. 

There are three Vinyasa classes each week, plus two low-intensity cardio workouts for overall fitness.

Each week, you’ll find: 

Full Body Class

Starting with traditional Sun Salutations to warm the body and ending with a floor practice to calm the mind, in this class Ania guides you through yoga poses to strengthen and relax the whole body. 

Stretch and Balance Class

This class begins with foundational yoga poses to stabilise and centre your body, before moving into more challenging poses that will test and improve your balance. Ania guides you through this full-body practice, including cues to connect breath with movement and reconnect with your body. 

Dynamic Class

In this unique class, Ania guides you through powerful sequences that engage and awaken your whole body. Learn to move with your breath and use your breathing to improve mobility through each pose. 

The classes take between 30-45 minutes each, and to complete each class you need a space the size of a yoga mat, a yoga block, yoga bolster and a blanket. If you don’t have any of these items available, you can substitute household items that you have available such as a pillow or cushion, or simply complete the class using just your body. 

There are also scheduled rest days, which are important to allow your body to adapt and recover in preparation for your next practice. 

What will I experience in each class?

Each yoga class has been designed to be a single, uninterrupted experience, so once you begin, there’s no need to interact with your screen throughout the class. You can immerse yourself in the flow, guided by yoga instructor Ania as she provides direction. 

Throughout the class, Ania demonstrates every movement on the mat, and guides you through the audio as you move through each posture and sequence. 

Is this program suitable for those new to yoga?

This program is suitable for those who haven’t done yoga previously — you don’t need any equipment to get started, so you can jump right in. 

The first week of classes provide an introduction to Ania’s unique training style, and from there she provides guidance to progress your practice over the subsequent five weeks. 

If you like variety, Ania’s program will introduce new poses each week. Each pose can be modified to suit your body, and Ania provides suggestions for these modifications throughout the classes to ensure you can practice yoga at your personal physical limits in every session.

Can I do Ania’s yoga classes if I’m doing another SWEAT program?

If you’re currently following another SWEAT program, you can try Ania’s on-demand yoga classes without leaving your current program. Using the “Browse” tab in the SWEAT app, you can choose Ania as your Trainer or scroll down to “Other Programs” and choose “Yoga With Ania”. 

When you can’t get outside to do your weekly cardio workouts, Yoga with Ania is one option you can use to meet your cardio goals for the week. 

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Yoga with Ania is available for you in the SWEAT app

Fitness is about being strong and healthy, in your body as well as your mind. 

Yoga with Ania can help to calm, strengthen and reinvigorate your relationship with your body. Combining mindfulness, movement and breath, this Vinyasa yoga program provides an opportunity to reconnect with yourself. To access, just make sure you've updated to the latest version of SWEAT. 

Now is the time — prioritise your well being with this yoga program, guided by SWEAT Trainer Ania Tippkemper. 

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Yoga with Ania

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