What Is Yoga With Phyllicia?

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November 16, 2020

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Yoga with Phyllicia is six weeks of gentle and accessible Vinyasa yoga, available exclusively in the latest version of the SWEAT app.

This program features traditional poses arranged in sequences that allow you time to focus on engaging the muscles to build strength and refine your form in each pose. 

If you want to feel refreshed, balanced, relaxed and aligned, then this Vinyasa yoga program is an ideal place to begin your practice

What is Yoga with Phyllicia?

Yoga with Phyllicia is a six-week yoga program that is designed to provide a base for yoga beginners or anyone looking to revisit the foundations of yoga and build strength and stability before progressing to a more dynamic or complex practice. 

There are three Vinyasa yoga classes each week, including: 

Full Body Yoga Class

In this class, Phyllicia leads yoga sequences to stretch and strengthen your whole body.

Beginning with an opening sequence to warm the body, followed by Sun Salutations, standing poses and a floor sequence. By the end of the class, you’ll feel grounded, connected and strong.

Stretch and Balance Class

This class is designed to lengthen your muscles and reconnect your breath with movement as you calm your mind

The class begins with Sun Salutations before moving into standing poses that train your balance and improve posture. Stretch, unwind and finish class feeling balanced.  

Dynamic Relaxation Class

This class is designed to help you to release tension and refocus your attention on your breath. Sequences will stretch and strengthen your whole body, flowing with your breath to find a deeper space within. 

All you’ll need for these classes is the space of a yoga mat — there’s no other equipment required. If you don’t have a yoga mat, you can substitute a towel instead. 

The classes range from 20-35 minutes, depending on the goal and number of sequences included. 

You’ll also find two optional low-intensity cardio sessions to help you to maintain overall fitness, and scheduled rest days to allow your body time to adapt and recover before your next yoga practice.

What will I experience in each class?

In each class, Phyllicia guides you through the foundational movements of yoga and teaches you to move with your breath. The program is designed to build strength, and progress to more challenging poses each week. 

Once you begin your class, each sequence flows into the next, so there’s no need to interact with your screen. You can surrender to the flow, guided by the voice of yoga instructor Phyllicia.  

Every class aims to leave you feeling deeply relaxed and ready for the challenges that life brings. 

Is the program suitable for first-time yogis?

This program is suitable if you’ve never attended a yoga class before. The classes can be done in the comfort and privacy of home, and Phyllicia provides instruction on how to modify any of the postures if you need an alternative option. 

The first week provides an introduction to Phyllicia’s Vinyasa yoga style, and the subsequent weeks include a structured approach to learning more advanced yoga poses. 

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Can I do Phyllicia’s yoga classes if I’m following another SWEAT program?

You certainly can. If you want to find on-demand yoga classes by Phyllicia, simply use the “Browse” tab in your SWEAT app and select Phyliccia Bonanno as your trainer. 

There are eight on-demand classes available in addition to the six-week program. Most of these classes are suitable for beginners, with some Express yoga options if you want to try this training style in under 20 minutes. 

If you want to try classes from Yoga with Phyllicia, you can scroll down to “Other Programs” to see the options for the relevant week. 

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Yoga with Phyllicia is available for you on SWEAT

If you are curious about yoga and ready to start your own practice, this traditional-style Vinyasa yoga program is the perfect place to begin. Over six weeks you will build your familiarity with yoga so you can progress to more advanced poses. To access, just make sure you have downloaded the latest version of SWEAT.

You can experience Phyllicia’s strength, power and calm energy in each class as you focus on reconnecting with your breath — why not start today?

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Yoga with Phyllicia

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