10 Quick & Healthy Breakfast Ideas

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January 10, 2019

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Sometimes mornings can be a mad rush, especially if you wake up early to work out before your other commitments.

Whether you exercise in the mornings or not, quick and healthy breakfast isn’t always easy to prepare. That’s why we’ve pulled together these 10 quick and healthy breakfast ideas to help save you some time during the morning chaos.

By planning your meals in advance, you’ll be more likely to stick to your healthy eating plan and ensure you’re feeling energised post-workout for a productive day ahead!Jump to:

Why is it important to eat the right food post-workout?

It’s no secret that a healthy diet is important. Fueling your body correctly, both before and after working out, can make a big difference to your health and fitness goals — and help with your recovery and muscle development. 

When you work out, your body uses up a lot of energy. Specifically, your muscles use up glycogen, which is stored glucose, as the primary energy source. Your muscles also break down and develop small tears during this time.

According to the American Council on Exercise, “after your workout, there is an increase in blood flow and insulin sensitivity, which facilitates glucose uptake and glycogen resynthesis. In other words, the hour immediately after you exercise is the time in which your body is most in need of nutrients, so eating the right meal during this time can initiate refuelling and tissue repair better than if you wait.”

Carbohydrates can help to quickly replenish your glycogen levels post-workout. It’s also important to consume protein after a workout, to help repair and build the muscle that is broken down during exercise.

While the specific amount you should eat depends on the type of workout you’re doing, Sports Dietitians Australia (SDA) state that protein may actually assist with glycogen replenishment goals when co-ingested with carbohydrates. 

Quick and healthy breakfast ideas 

These quick and healthy breakfast ideas are perfect after a morning workout — they each contain a combination of both carbohydrates (to replenish glycogen), and protein (to help repair and rebuild muscle).

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Banana and chia seed toast

This delicious and filling healthy breakfast only takes a few minutes to make — simply toast some wholegrain bread in the toaster, then top with natural nut butter, chopped banana and chia seeds.

Chia seeds are an incredible superfood — they’re easy to digest and contain a range of nutrients like protein, fibre, and calcium, as well as omega-3 fatty acids. 

When you work out intensely you lose glycogen and minerals such as sodium and potassium, and bananas are an excellent source of both carbohydrates and potassium. 

Coupled with a source of protein, this banana and chia seed toast is a great post-workout option.

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Protein green smoothie

If you’re not much of a breakfast person, you might prefer a green smoothie instead.

One of the benefits of making smoothies is that you can prepare the ingredients the night before — and they’re versatile, so you can change up the ingredients to suit your health goals. 

Aim for a combination of carbohydrates and protein in your morning smoothies, such as oats, bananas, and a natural protein like chia seeds, spinach, or pumpkin seeds!

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Avocado toast

If you love avocado, these five variations of avocado toast will cover you for every day of the week! 

These avocado recipes can be made in advance and stored in the refrigerator so they’re ready to assemble in the morning.

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Chilli kale toast with hummus

If you’re after more toast toppers, this chilli kale toast with hummus contains a combination of the macronutrients your body needs after a workout. 

Kale is a superfood that contains iron and antioxidants, while the chickpeas found in hummus make it a good vegan protein source.

You can prepare the kale mix the night before. Keep in mind store-bought hummus varieties may include unhealthy additives like refined sugar — so instead, try making your own ahead of time and storing it in the refrigerator so you know exactly what’s inside.

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Overnight oatmeal

If you have time, you can prepare oats in the morning — but this oatmeal recipe can also be made the night before! 

Simply mix the oats with chia seeds, nuts and some seasonal fruit, then leave it to soak in the refrigerator overnight.

Serving this meal chilled is a great healthy breakfast idea for the warmer months.

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3-ingredient protein pancakes

To make theseprotein pancakes all you need are bananas, eggs and chia seeds — it’s an incredibly easy dish when you’re in a rush, but still packs a protein and flavour punch.

Top these pancakes with your favourite ingredients — healthy fats, like nut butter, will add even more nutritional value to your breakfast.

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Healthy french toast

If you’re after a quick and healthy breakfast that tastes like a delectable dessert — look no further than this easy french toast recipe. It only takes 15 minutes to make and includes a good mix of carbohydrates, protein and fibre for a healthy gut.

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Vegan pumpkin parfait

This protein-packed vegan pumpkin parfait is a great healthy breakfast you can grab and go and can be prepared ahead of time. 

Pumpkin seeds are high in protein, and pumpkin itself contains a range of amazing health benefits. If you don’t have access to pumpkin granola, you can use standard oats instead — just keep in mind this might change the flavour and texture of the dish.

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Chia pudding

Not only do chia puddings make a quick and healthy on the go snack, but they’re great for breakfast too! Simply combine almond milk (or your favourite type of dairy-free milk), chia seeds, honey and cinnamon together in a mason jar and leave to soak overnight in the refrigerator — then top with seasonal fresh fruits, yoghurt, nuts or seeds in the morning!

Bananas are a great topping for chia puddings, and will keep you feeling full until your next meal!

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Avocado breakfast pudding

This avocado breakfast pudding is so easy to make and can be taken with you on the go — you can even prepare the ingredients in a container the night before to save you time in the morning.

The avocado, banana, honey and coconut milk in this recipe, provides a good source of healthy fats, potassium — and a hint of natural sweetness.

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Quick and healthy breakfasts don’t have to be hard

Living a healthy lifestyle can be easy, it just takes a little preparation and planning ahead of time. 

At the start of each week, try to get yourself organised — schedule your workouts and think about what foods you’ll eat to complement your health and fitness goals. 

There’s no better time than now to get one step ahead by trying out these quick healthy breakfast ideas. 

What are your favourite quick healthy breakfast meals to make when you’re in a rush? Let us know in the comments!

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