5 Ways You Can Be A Healthier Woman This September

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September 1, 2017

5 Ways You Can Be A Healthier Woman This September - Hero image

Women are leading busier and busier lives, which can sometimes mean we ‘don’t have time’ to take charge of our health. Often we put the needs of our friends and family, work or study first. But as the saying goes, you can’t fill from an empty cup. That’s why we should all be taking practical steps to try and be a little bit healthier, every day. 

Women's health checks

In Australia, Women’s Health Week runs from the 4th to the 8th of September. This week is to encourage women not just in Australia, but around the world, to take care of themselves — and these are a few ways you can do that!

Check your heart health

Did you know heart disease in the single biggest killer of women in Australia (and many other countries)? Unfortunately, many women don’t recognise symptoms of heart disease until they are in the later stages of the illness, and some symptoms can be harder to diagnose for women. Next time you go for a checkup with your healthcare professional, ask for a heart health check. It’s a simple process that involves looking at your risk factors, checking your weight and having a blood test. AND it may end up saving your life!

Get active

As you probably know by now, exercise isn’t just for weight loss or muscle growth. Regular physical activity also helps to improve the health of your cardiorespiratory system (your heart, lungs and blood vessels). It can help lower the risk of disease and health conditions, may help you sleep better and can be useful for your mental health as well. Exercise can help to lift ‘brain fog’, improving your mental clarity. Physical activity can also help to improve your balance and coordination. 

Make sleep a priority

Set yourself a goal for the week to have a little bit more sleep. It is often easier said than done, but sleep really is so important for your health. Your body works to repair itself during sleep, so if you want to be on your game the next day, try to get a good sleep. 

There are some healthy sleep habits you can follow to have a better sleep, and Women’s Health Week is the perfect time to try them out! 

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Care for your bones 

Women have a greater risk of developing osteoporosis due to the changes in oestrogen levels experienced during menopause. The drop after that period causes bones to lose calcium at a much faster rate than men. Looking after your bones is so important! They help to protect your organs and support movement, as well as containing marrow, where blood cells are made. Poor bone health can make it difficult to support your body when you age, so it’s best to take care of them while you can. 

Healthy Bones Australia advises there are three main elements for strong and healthy bones: calcium, sunshine and exercise. Calcium is the major component for building bones, while sunshine provides vitamin D, which helps support the amount of calcium your body absorbs. Certain exercises, such as resistance training, weight-bearing exercises or balance training, place strain on your bones, which helps them to become stronger. 

Dedicate some time to self-care

This is one of the easiest ways you can become healthier! It is a bit of a running joke that women are multi-taskers, which means at times you may try to do too much and put yourself under stress. Consider some ways you can manage stress levels and take care of your mental and physical health. Make some time to do something for yourself this week and to focus completely on being in that moment. 

Practising mindfulness can help you to make the most of your self-care time. Whether you are spending time catching up with friends for a girls night or going to the gym — focus on YOU and on what’s happening in that moment. There is a good chance you’ll notice a boost in your mood and you may feel less stressed. 

Women's health is important!

Good health should be a priority, not just this week or this month, but every day of your life. These suggestions are merely starting points, but hopefully they help to remind you that focusing on yourself and your needs is important!

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