The Best Sports Hijabs For Every Kind Of Workout

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November 15, 2022 - Updated November 15, 2022

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If you’ve never heard of a high-performance hijab, that’s about to change. In an effort to be more inclusive in their offerings, more activewear brands are including workout hijabs in their product lines, allowing even more women to work out comfortably and confidently.

But what should you look for when shopping for a sports hijab? What material should you opt for? And what’s the best fit?

To make your workouts even easier, we had a look at the best sports hijabs on the market to round up the essential features to look out for when you’re adding a sports hijab to your shopping basket.

Choose a moisture-wicking fabric

Just like when you’re shopping for sweat-proof leggings, you want to opt for a fabric that’s breathable and sweat-wicking to keep you feeling dry before, during and after your workout. This is particularly important if you happen to live in a warmer climate!

Make sure you check the label for “moisture-wicking” properties, as these fabrics are designed to draw moisture away from your body while also drying quickly.

Some designs incorporate mesh fabric or feature small holes in the design, to promote breathability. Choosing a lightweight fabric will also help to keep your head and body cool during your next HIIT session.

Don’t forget that colour also matters when it comes to staying cool, as black fabric absorbs more heat than lighter colour ways.

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Make sure your hijab is fitted

The last thing you want when you’re working out is for your activewear not to fit correctly. Everything from a poorly fitted sports bra that lacks support to too-loose socks can wreak havoc on your Sweat session, and your hijab is no different.

When shopping for a sports hijab online or in-store, try it on or check the size guide to ensure the dimensions will properly fit your head so it’s snug to your face and will stay in place when you’re in motion.

Some designs include interior straps to stop the hijab from slipping down, while others have longer backs to guarantee total coverage and ensure it stays tucked in.

Don't forget your music

If your headphone has a cord, look out for designs that include built-in headphone access so you don’t have to miss out on listening to your favourite workout playlist or podcast.

Safety first

If you enjoy getting your Sweat on outdoors, opt for a design that includes reflective features to help keep you visible.

Choose an exercise hijab that works for your training style

Your go-to sports hijab might differ from session to session and you might need a few different options in your workout wardrobe to suit your training schedule and your favourite styles of movement.

If you love to hit the pool and enjoy the benefits of swimming, you’ll want to opt for a waterproof design with chlorine-resistant and UV protection qualities, while breathable, sweat-wicking qualities should be on your radar if you’re a runner.

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Find the best sports hijab for you

While there’s still a long way to go in bringing more inclusivity and accessibility to activewear, there are now a great variety of workout hijabs on the market that combines fashion and functionality. You just need to know what to look out for and find the right fit.

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