Mental Health Month: Workplace Wellbeing

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October 20, 2017

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For the majority of us, much of our time is spent working. We spend hours dealing with clients, responding to emails and checking off tasks, things than can all impact our health. As we continue our Mental Health Month series, we need to look at the importance of feeling safe and healthy, both physically and mentally, at work. That’s where the term workplace wellbeing comes into play! 

Mental health at work

Workplaces that are ‘mentally healthy’ play a role in promoting our overall wellbeing. Mental health accounts for a large portion of workplace absence, so there are many benefits to keeping workplace wellbeing at the front of our minds. 

A mentally healthy workplace is one where colleagues watch out for each other and check in to make sure everyone is okay. A place where staff with mental health concerns can ask for help and feel supported at work. It’s also a place where mental health is understood and talked openly about. Mentally healthy workplaces are not just important for employees, but for employers as well.

By increasing awareness of overall health and wellbeing at work, your workplace can become more ‘mentally healthy’. 

Improving your wellbeing

Of course, it is also important for you to take steps to make wellbeing a priority for yourself. 

There can be challenges to your physical and mental health if you have a demanding job or project. Long-term stress can take a toll and begin to interfere with your ability to care for yourself. 

Good nutrition, regular sleep and exercise are essential for wellbeing and can all have positive impacts on both physical and mental health. 

Try to eat healthy meals at work, and pack healthy snacks to take each day. Limit processed foods and try to include some probiotic and prebiotic foods in your diet to improve gut health. Get regular exercise to help reduce stress and to boost creativity during the day. A lunchtime walk or a visit to the gym can help you to feel rejuvenated and energised!

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Feel your best - inside AND out

Another way to focus on your wellbeing each day is by sticking to a regular sleep pattern so that you can feel well-rested each morning. Try to implement habits to help you sleep better and to keep you more mentally alert. 

There are a number of ways to reduce long-term stress and to increase your wellbeing at work. Some of these are:

  • Take regular breaks throughout the day. 

  • Make an effort to check and correct your posture during the day. 

  • Have a switch-off period and try to restrict the amount of meetings or emails you handle during that time. 

  • Create a schedule and planner to help you meet deadlines and complete tasks. 

  • If you are feeling overwhelmed, make sure you communicate this. Define realistic goals for yourself and ask for adjustments to your role if necessary. 

While we’re talking about the importance of focusing on wellbeing, there is something to remember. It shouldn’t be another ‘appointment’ you have to squeeze into your already-overstuffed calendar. When health and wellbeing is a priority at work, rather than another task you have to check off, it makes a difference to how you and your colleagues care for themselves. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed at home or at work, your healthcare professional can assist you. Remember that you can reach out and ask for assistance at any time. 

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