Bent-Leg Raise & Flutters (1:4)

Step 1

Placing a flat bench vertically behind you. Gently sit back onto the bench and place both hands over your head to firmly grasp the end. Extend both legs and engage your abdominal muscles by drawing in your belly button to your spine.

Step 2

Keeping your feet together, contract your abdominal muscles and bend your legs to bring your knees in to your chest.

Step 3

Briefly hold this position and then slowly release legs until they are at 45 degrees.

Step 4

At the same time, slightly raise your left leg and slightly lower your right leg.

Step 5

At the same time, slightly raise your right leg and slightly lower your left leg. This should create a “scissor-like” motion. Complete the specified number of scissor kicks. Continue alternating between bent leg raises and scissor kicks for the specified number of repetitions.

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