Lateral Over Dumbbell Burpee

Step 1

• Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and a dumbbell on the ground next to one foot. • Position yourself so that the dumbbell is perpendicular to your body, with the wider side of the dumbbell parallel to your feet. • Perform a burpee by jumping your feet back and dropping your chest to the ground. • Push yourself back up to a plank position, and then jump to stand up. • Jump laterally over the dumbbell, landing on the other side of the dumbbell. • Repeat the same sequence, starting with the burpee. • Make sure to maintain proper form throughout the exercise, and keep your core engaged to protect your lower back. • You should feel your heart rate increase as you perform the burpee and jump over the dumbbell. • You should also feel your leg and glute muscles working as you jump laterally over the dumbbell and land on the other side. • Your core muscles will also be engaged throughout the exercise to maintain proper form and protect your lower back.

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