Step 1

Hold the wooden dowel vertically behind your back, using one arm behind your head and one placed at your lower back. Plant both feet on the floor hip-width apart, and draw your shoulder blades down and back to push your chest out slightly. This is your starting position.

Step 2

Inhale and bending your knees slightly, hinge forwards from your hips. Ensure that you maintain a proud chest and focus on driving your hips back. Your head should also be an extension of your spine and you should feel tension in your hamstrings (back of your legs). Exhale and push through your heels, using your glutes and hamstrings to extend your hips and return to the starting position, squeezing your glutes at the top of the movement. Repeat for the specified number of repetitions or time, ensuring that your head, mid-back and lower back remain in constant contact with the dowel at all times.

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