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Beginner-Intermediate • High Intensity • 24+-Week Program

High Intensity Zero Equipment with Kayla

This no-equipment program is perfect if you’re looking for high-intensity workouts you can do anywhere, anytime in under 30 minutes. With zero equipment and minimal space required, doing a full-body workout at home, the gym, outside or while travelling has never been easier.

Kayla Itsines

I’m Kayla Itsines, co-founder and head trainer at Sweat! I’ve been a certified personal trainer since 2008 and am also certified in pregnancy and postnatal exercise. My goal has always been to empower women by giving them the practical tools they need to improve their health and fitness and feel more confident.

  • Designed for all fitness levels

  • Bodyweight workouts

  • 34-week program

  • Four optional beginner weeks included

  • Work out 30 mins or less

  • Express workout options available

Program Overview

Every week, you have 6-7 workouts to choose from depending on how far through the program you are. Don’t worry, you’re not supposed to do them all! Your aim is to complete 3-4 workouts each week, but having a variety of options is simply to give you the flexibility to create a fitness routine that suits your lifestyle. Weekly workouts include: 

  • Full Body Circuit (28 minutes)

  • Full Body Bootcamp (28 minutes)

  • Arms & Abs (28 minutes)

  • Express Legs (12-13 minutes)

  • Express Abs (12-13 minutes)

  • Full Body Chair (28 minutes)

  • HIIT Cardio (28 minutes)

Each week also includes low or high intensity cardio and recovery sessions you can do over the course of your week. This program also includes one rest day each week.

If you’re new to this style of training or want to ease yourself in, there are four optional beginner weeks to help you build your fitness and confidence with low-impact bodyweight exercises before you progress to bodyweight HIIT workouts. Don’t underestimate the power of bodyweight workouts, this program is an amazing way to boost your strength and fitness!


What you’ll need

Just as the name suggests, you don’t need any equipment for this program! We recommend working out on a yoga mat or towel, but even this isn’t essential. There is an optional Full Body Chair workout available throughout the program, and this can be done using a chair, step or outdoor bench if you are working out at a park.

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