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Post-Pregnancy • Low Impact • 16-Week Program

Post-Pregnancy with Kayla

Kayla’s Post-Pregnancy program is for women who have recently and not-so-recently given birth and have clearance from their health professional to resume light exercise. The program provides women with guidance to rebuild their foundational strength, core stability and posture after having a baby.

Kayla Itsines

I’m Kayla Itsines, co-founder and head trainer at Sweat! I’ve been a certified personal trainer since 2008 and am also certified in pregnancy and postnatal exercise. My goal has always been to empower women by giving them the practical tools they need to improve their health and fitness and feel more confident.

  • 15-25 minute workouts

  • 16-week program

  • Focus on core strength and posture

  • Exercises appropriate for Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation)

  • Minimal equipment

Program Overview

If you’ve recently given birth and are interested in trying Post-Pregnancy with Kayla, it’s essential you receive clearance from your healthcare provider before you begin. 

Post-Pregnancy with Kayla is a 16-week program using minimal equipment, making it perfect for home or gym, including four foundational weeks designed for women who have had a caesarean delivery, are experiencing weak pelvic floor symptoms or other post-birth complications.

Each week, you have 2-3 workouts that will take you 15-25 minutes, as well as low-intensity cardio and recovery sessions, but we encourage you to listen to your body and only complete what you feel up to. Throughout the program, the focus resistance sessions include:

  • Lower Body and Core

  • Upper Body and Core

  • Full Body (optional)

Each workout starts with mobility exercises to warm up, followed by lap-based circuits that you can complete at your own pace, focusing on maintaining correct form as you rebuild strength. 

There are also optional low-intensity posture sessions to help relieve tension in the body, which take 10-15 minutes and focus on foam rolling, stretching and strengthening. These include:

  • Upper Body Posture 

  • Hip Strength 

  • Lower Back Relief


What you’ll need

Post-Pregnancy can be completed at home or in the gym with a few pieces of basic equipment.



This is the desc for dumbells




Foam Roller

Foam Roller


Recovery Band

Long Resistance Band

Long Resistance Band



This is the desc for Yogamat

Yoga Mat


Massage Ball

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