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Cass Olholm

I’m Cass Olholm, a certified strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer. I believe that training is a tool that makes you feel amazing in the gym and equips you for life outside the gym. My programs combine high-intensity and strength exercises using a variety of training techniques designed to help you get in your zone and teach you the skills to reach your performance goals.

  • Four programs

  • High intensity strength training

  • Train at home or in the gym

  • Intermediate to advanced

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As your trainer, my focus is to help you unleash your full potential. You don’t need to be strong to get strong - you already have what it takes! Whether you prefer to train at home or in the gym, my programs will continue to push you as you get stronger, faster and fitter - and you’ll soon love chasing the challenge of progressing towards your performance goals. High Intensity Strength at Home with Cass brings my gym-style training to your home with explosive movements using free weights and your bodyweight, or if you’re ready to take your training to another level, High Intensity Strength with Cass is my gym-based program that will really challenge you. 

You don’t need to be strong to get strong

You don’t need to be strong to get strong

My Body Burn Challenge will have you sweating from start to finish and mastering high-intensity movements that will get you out of your comfort zone, and my Elite Conditioning program will push your strength and cardio limits. Remember, everyone’s 100% is different - my programs will challenge you to reach yours! 


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