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Chontel Duncan

I’m Chontel Duncan, personal trainer and accredited sports nutritionist. My Sweat programs reflect the way I personally love to train - it’s the kind of training where you give it 100% effort all the way, switch on everything in your body and feel exhilarated, like a FIERCE warrior.

  • Five programs

  • High intensity strength training

  • Low impact training

  • Full-body workouts

  • At-home and zero-equipment programs

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Through my varied training approach, I’m here to help you take control of your health and fitness so that you can feel unstoppable. As a personal trainer, I found that what a lot of my clients needed was motivation, variety and sessions they looked forward to, which is what inspired me to create my programs on the Sweat app. I have a program for everyone - whether you love to train at home or in the gym - and each of my programs provide new and challenging training concepts to tackle each week. 

Show up, challenge yourself, get it done and get on with life

Show up, challenge yourself, get it done and get on with life

Each session will get you out of your comfort zone and you’ll feel proud and confident as you hit each target and work towards your goals. My programs FIERCE, FIERCE at Home, FIERCE Zero Equipment and Full Body HIIT all combine strength training and high-intensity interval training with elements of Muay Thai. Low Impact STrength is perfect if you’re after a joint-friendly option! No matter where you are on your fitness journey, if you’re ready to work hard for the result you want, I’m here to train you!


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