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July 4, 2023

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It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a 10-minute workout or you’re in the gym for an hour, we all want our Sweat sessions to be effective

A big part of having an effective workout and overall training routine is knowing exactly which muscles you’re targeting in each session and keeping things balanced across the week. You want to be working a wide range of muscles and you want to know during each workout that you’re actually engaging the correct muscle groups. 

When you don’t have a personal trainer physically with you during your workouts to guide you on where you should be feeling the burn and what each exercise is targeting, it can be hard to know if you’re doing it right, but we’ve made it a whole lot easier for you with the muscle groups feature in the Sweat app. 

This feature is now available for every workout on the Sweat app, and can be found in two easy places:

  • When previewing your workout, right above the list of equipment needed. Here, the targeted muscle groups are shown as a list. 

  • Within the instructions for each specific exercise. Here, the targeted muscle groups are shown as a list, as well as highlighted in pink on a diagram of the body.

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This feature is hugely popular within the Sweat Community, so if it’s your first time using it or you’re new to working out, here are several reasons why it’s helpful to know which muscle groups you’re targeting when starting any workout or planning your workout routine.

  1. You know exactly where you should be feeling the burn during each exercise.

  2. If the targeted muscle groups are feeling achey after your workout, that’s added confirmation that you’ve been performing each exercise with correct form. If different muscles are sore (let’s say you’re feeling back pain after squats when you’re targeting your legs and glutes), it’s a helpful indicator that your form may need some work or you should use lighter weights. For more on weight selection, click here!

  3. If you’re trying to work on specific muscles, you know which workouts to choose.

  4. If you’re creating your own workout plan by choosing workouts from the On-Demand tab of the Sweat app, you know whether your full weekly schedule has successfully targeted a variety of muscle groups (or if you’re doubling up!). 

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An effective workout routine often needs a bit of planning to make sure you’re hitting each muscle group, but the programs in the Sweat app make it easy so you don’t have to think about it. Check out the full list of programs here!

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