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Intermediate • Boxing • 4-Week Program

Boxing Fit Challenge

Increase your strength, speed and agility with Monica Jones’ Boxing Fit Challenge. This fun, full-body program uses a variety of time-based high-intensity and strength training techniques to increase your fitness while introducing you to the foundational movement patterns of boxing.

Monica TrainerProfile
Monica Jones

I’m Monica Jones, a NASM-certified personal trainer. I collaborated with Sweat to create workout programs that will help women everywhere realise their full potential and move stronger and faster!

  • For intermediate fitness levels

  • 4-week challenge

  • 3 workouts each week

  • 15-30 minute workouts

  • Master boxing fundamentals

Program Overview

Monica’s Boxing Fit Challenge is perfect for women who have an intermediate level of fitness and want to try something new or master their technique in powerful boxing combinations. This progressive, four-week program includes explosive, high-intensity moves that will get your heart rate up — you’ll start slow with basic boxing fundamentals and work your way up towards more complex combinations.

Each week you have three bodyweight workouts include:

  • Shadowboxing & Cardio

  • Boxing Blast

  • Shadowboxing & Strength

Each workout will take you 15-30 minutes to complete and include cardio-based movement and bodyweight strength exercises that will help you feel fitter, stronger and more empowered.

Monica recommends completing two LISS (low-intensity steady state) cardio sessions on alternate days to your resistance sessions, and there’s an optional HIIT cardio session for the weeks you’re looking for an extra challenge.

You’ll also have a rest and recovery day to allow your body adequate time to repair before your next training session. Get ready to feel fit and strong as you perfect your shadowboxing technique, increase your muscular endurance, explosive power and build full-body strength.


What you’ll need

You can complete this program anywhere using just your bodyweight for resistance and a skipping rope.

Jumping Rope

Skipping Rope

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