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Beginner • High Intensity • 11-Week Program

HIIT with Monica

This beginner-friendly HIIT program from trainer Monica Jones introduces the principles of high-intensity interval training with fun boxing combinations for variety. HIIT with Monica is perfect for anyone who enjoys variety in their workouts and wants to experience the benefits of HIIT for the first time. The full-body workouts combine slower rep-based movement, higher intensity exercises and boxing combinations to mix up your training and help you discover your true potential.

Monica TrainerProfile
Monica Jones

I’m Monica Jones, a NASM-certified personal trainer. I collaborated with Sweat to create workout programs that will help women everywhere realise their full potential and move stronger and faster!

  • Beginner friendly

  • 11-week program

  • 25-minute workouts

  • 2 workouts each week

  • HIIT with elements of boxing

  • Feel energised and strong

Program Overview

Monica will guide you through her challenging, yet achievable workouts you can do at home in 25 minutes or less. 

The program begins with an optional foundation week to get your body used to the high-intensity style of training, followed by 10 weeks of training that gradually increase in intensity and complexity as you build your fitness and confidence. Your weekly workouts include:

  • 2 Full Body workouts

  • 1 Interval Boxing workout (Optional)

Work towards your fitness goals with two full-body workouts each week that start with slower rep-based movement, followed by higher intensity exercises. The optional Interval Boxing workout uses boxing combinations to improve your coordination and leave you feeling energised and strong.

Each week there are two LISS (low-intensity steady state) cardio sessions and an optional weekly HIIT (high-intensity interval training) cardio session, alongside scheduled recovery and rest days each week to allow your muscles time to repair before your next workout


What you’ll need

You don’t need any equipment to get started with this program. You can use a fitness or yoga mat but these workouts have been designed so they can be completed anywhere, using no equipment. If you don’t have a mat you can use a towel instead.

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