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Beginner-Intermediate • High Intensity • 6-Week Program

Energising HIIT with Fleur

This follow-along program from Sweat Trainer, singer-songwriter and radio host Fleur East will have you sweating right alongside Fleur as she coaches you through each high-intensity interval training workout! Get ready to have fun, get fit and feel strong.

Fleur TrainerProfile
Fleur East

I’m Fleur East, a certified personal trainer, singer, presenter and radio host from the UK. I don’t believe exercise should be a quick fix or punishment and my beginner-friendly HIIT programs are all about finding the fun in fitness.

  • Designed for beginner to intermediate fitness levels

  • 6-week program

  • 3 workouts each week

  • 25-35 minute workouts

  • Have fun, get fit and feel strong!

Program Overview

This program is suitable for women of a beginner or intermediate fitness level who are looking to make exercise a fun and regular part of their routine, or for anyone who’s looking for more personal coaching experience. You’ll be training with Fleur to build your strength and cardio fitness with a combination of resistance and HIIT workouts each week that get progressively more challenging throughout the program.

There are three weekly workouts, each between 25-35 minutes, which include:

  • Full Body AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible)

  • Full Body Strength & Power

  • Express Full Body Blast

Two of these workouts are in a guided follow-along format with Fleur coaching you and sweating with you the whole time, and the third is an optional customisable workout.

Energising HIIT with Fleur will help you build your cardio fitness and strength and increase your confidence while making exercise a fun, feel-good part of your routine that you’ll look forward to each week!


What you’ll need

You only need two pieces of equipment to get started with Energising HIIT, but you can substitute household items such as milk cartons filled with sand or water for the dumbbells if you’re working out at home and don’t have any on hand!

This is the desc for dumbells


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Yoga Mat

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