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Intermediate-Advanced • High Intensity Strength • 4-Week Program

Elite Conditioning with Cass

This program is all about lifting heavy, dialling up the intensity of your workouts and unleashing the potential you know is within. Whether you love Cass’ training style or have been building your strength and are ready to take the next step, Elite Conditioning is going to challenge you and elevate your strength to a whole new level. Because it’s a follow-along style program, Elite Conditioning is great if you enjoy the feeling of working out right alongside your trainer and want live demos as you move!

Cass TrainerProfile
Cass Olholm

I’m Cass Olholm, a certified strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer. My programs combine high-intensity and strength exercises using a variety of training techniques designed to help you reach your performance goals.

  • Designed for intermediate and advanced fitness levels

  • 4-week program

  • 20 workouts

  • Follow-along format

  • Feel strong and accomplished

Program Overview

Designed for intermediate and advanced fitness levels, this full-body strength training program is perfect for anyone who loves pushing themselves and lifting heavier weights to level up their strength training. 

Elite Conditioning is made up of 20 different workouts in total, alternating between five different formats:

  • Upper Body Strength & Metcon (metabolic conditioning)

  • Lower Body Strength & Metcon

  • Full Body Tabata

  • Full Body HIIT

  • HIIT Pyramid

Each Full Body Tabata session will take you 40 minutes, the Upper and Lower Body Strength sessions and Full Body HIIT workouts go for 35 minutes and the HIIT Pyramid sessions are 20 minutes. 

This training style includes a challenging combination of heavy lifting, a variety of functional movements, and a mixture of intensities to keep your body challenged and your mind engaged. Get ready for moves like squats, deadlifts, shoulder press, bent-over rows, bicep curls and glute bridges, with all the core and cardio you need, too!

These Elite workouts are designed to make you work hard, boost your energy, and leave you feeling strong and accomplished.


What you’ll need

While some of Cass’ other programs were designed with the gym (or a great home set-up!) in mind, Elite Conditioning requires minimal equipment, making it easy to workout wherever you are. All you need to get started is a set of dumbbells!

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