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Beginner • High Intensity • 10-Week Program

FIERCE Zero Equipment

FIERCE Zero Equipment is a great way to try Chontel Duncan’s high-intensity training style at home without a single piece of equipment. This 10-week full-body training program starts with four beginner weeks to help build your fitness and supercharge your strength and confidence in your training.

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Chontel Duncan

I’m Chontel Duncan, personal trainer and accredited sports nutritionist. My Sweat programs reflect the way I love to train, giving it 100% effort all the way, switching on everything in your body so you feel like a FIERCE warrior. 

  • Designed with beginners in mind

  • At-home program

  • 10-week program

  • 4 optional beginner weeks

  • Combines strength and high-intensity training

Program Overview

This beginner-friendly program is designed for women who want to train at home, are new to Chontel’s high-intensity style or if you’re returning to fitness after a break. The four beginner weeks will help you build a fitness base, and progress you to a combination of strength training and high-intensity interval training in the following weeks of the program.

The beginner weeks start with three resistance workouts each week, plus two cardio sessions and one recovery session.

Weeks 1-6 have four recommended weekly workouts. If you are short on time but still want to meet your training goals, there are also optional Express workouts available each week. During these weeks it is recommended you complete three cardio workouts (one is optional) and one recovery session.

Each week you’ll have the following workouts to choose from: 

  • Full Body Strength (25-35 minutes)

  • AMRAP (36 minutes)

  • Tabata (28 minutes)

  • Express Abs (15 minutes)

  • Express HIIT (15 minutes)


What you’ll need

You don’t need any equipment to get started with FIERCE Zero Equipment. You can use a fitness or yoga mat but these workouts have been designed so they can be completed anywhere, using no equipment — if you don’t have a mat you can use a towel instead.

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