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Intermediate-Advanced • Lifting • 4-Week Program

Lifting Masterclass Challenge

Want to level up your lifting skills and see improvements in your strength and power? Laura’s Lifting Masterclass Challenge is where it’s at. Over four weeks, you’ll develop your strength with a mix of Olympic-style lifting, traditional strength training exercises and bodyweight training.

Laura Roberts

I’m Laura Roberts, creator of Lift with Laura. Having had my Fitness Certifications III & IV since 2019 and working as a strength and conditioning coach since 2021, I know that strength training has the power to completely transform how you feel, move and live. 

  • 4-week program

  • 3 weekly workouts

  • 40-50 minute workouts

  • Full-body workouts

  • Focus on Olympic-style lifting

Program Overview

In each week of this short and sharp four-week challenge, you’ll have three 40-50 minute full-body workouts to complete. Each session is designed to promote significant strength gains, with a mix of heavy compound lifts and accessory movements. 

Some of the Olympic-style lifts include snatches, overhead squats and power cleans, so this program is best-suited to an intermediate or advanced fitness level, and those who already have some lifting experience.

Each workout includes a main strength set, as well as a superset or triset. Each lift also includes RPE recommendations (rate of perceived exertion) to help you with weight selection. 

Each week, there are also two LISS (low-intensity steady state) cardio sessions, an optional HIIT cardio session, a recovery session and a rest day. 


What you’ll need

You’ll need access to a range of free weights, as well as a few pieces of larger gym equipment, making this program best for the gym or a well-equipped home gym.



Weight Plate

Weight Plate

Squat Rack

Squat Rack

This is the desc for dumbells


Chin-up Bar

Chin-up Bar

Bench/Bench Alternative

Bench/Bench Alternative

Plyometric Soft Box

Plyometric Box

Gym Rings

Gymnastics Rings

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