Laura Roberts - Sweat Lifting Trainer

Laura Roberts

I’m Laura Roberts, creator of Lift with Laura. Having had my Fitness Certifications III & IV since 2019 and working as a strength and conditioning coach since 2021, I know that strength training has the power to completely transform how you feel, move and live.

  • Two programs

  • Intermediate to advanced

  • Gym-based workouts

  • Full-body strength training

  • Fall in love with Olympic-style lifting

Get To Know Laura

Strength training truly changed my life, and with my program, I hope I can inspire you to aim for, achieve and lift more than you ever thought was possible - and have heaps of fun in the process!

Sport was a huge part of my life growing up, but years later when I stopped training and realised my energy, happiness and body were all taking a hit, the second chapter of my fitness journey began. Instead of soccer practice and track events, I fell in love with lifting, CrossFit classes and feeling strong in my own skin.

Find comfort in the uncomfortable!

Find comfort in the uncomfortable!

Becoming at least 1% better each day and celebrating my body became my goal, and that’s what I want you to strive for when you follow Lift with Laura. Working full-time as international cabin crew, I know firsthand what it’s like to juggle fitness with everything else in life, but I believe when you want something bad enough, you’ll create the space for it. Because finding the time, getting out of your comfort zone, doing hard things, stretching your idea of what’s possible and becoming the best version of yourself - it’s ALWAYS worth it.


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