Samantha Ortiz-Young: Low Impact & High Intensity Trainer

Samantha Ortiz-Young

I’m Samantha Ortiz-Young, the trainer behind Sweat’s Low Impact HIIT and HIIT with Samantha programs. I believe fitness has no shape or size - it’s for everyone!

  • Two programs

  • Beginner friendly

  • Low impact but high intensity

  • Work out anywhere

  • Fitness is for everyone

Get To Know Samantha

I love to see women become the best version of themselves, physically and mentally. I’m inspired by seeing others reach their fitness goals and helping women realise they have the ability to achieve anything! 

Fitness has no shape or size. Fitness is for everyone!

Fitness has no shape or size. Fitness is for everyone!

My beginner-friendly programs will help you find the fun in fitness with a variety of low-impact, high-intensity interval training workouts. There’s no equipment required so you can work out anywhere, anytime. You’ll be able to get a quick sweat up and build endurance and strength with effective training sessions. Get ready to feel unstoppable! 


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