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Beginner • Strength • 9-Week Program

Bodyweight Strength

Perfect for beginners and those returning to fitness, this 9-week program from Anissia Hughes will help you fall in love with fitness and develop a consistent training routine with at-home bodyweight workouts you can do anywhere.

Anissia TrainerProfile
Anissia Hughes

I’m Anissia Hughes, the trainer behind Sweat’s Bodyweight Strength program. I’m here to help women realise that fitness is so much more than aesthetic - it’s an enjoyable part of life, and a way of living and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.  

  • Beginner-friendly workouts

  • 2-3 workouts each week

  • 20-30 minute workouts

  • No equipment

  • Fall in love with fitness

Program Overview

This program is designed to get you moving and help you find the fun in fitness with strength training and bodyweight circuits you can take at your own pace.

To help you build your fitness and confidence with the training styles, there is one optional foundation week available, followed by eight weeks of programming.

From the foundation week up until week four, you have three full-body workouts each week (one is optional) that will take just 20 minutes.

From week five onwards, you still have three weekly workouts but the structure changes slightly. You’ll challenge your strength with two new 30-minute full body sessions that include rep-based supersets that progress in volume, followed by a time-based circuit. Your third weekly workout has also changed to a Full Body Circuit which includes six exercises. Each week, the time per exercise and number of laps per workout increases.

Bodyweight Strength also includes two low-intensity cardio sessions each week to improve your fitness, and a recovery stretching session to promote mobility and flexibility.


What you’ll need

You don’t need any equipment to complete this program. However, you might find your workouts more comfortable using a yoga or fitness mat.

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