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Beginner • Low Impact • 19-Week Program

Low Impact Strength with Kelsey

Low Impact Strength with Kelsey will help you feel good physically and mentally with at-home training you can do with just dumbbells - no jumping required!

Kelsey TrainerProfile
Kelsey Wells

I’m Kelsey Wells, creator of the PWR programs and Redefine Fitness. I’ve been a certified personal trainer since 2016, am also certified in pre and postnatal fitness, and I want all women to feel self-acceptance and empowerment with my strength training programs.

  • 19-week program

  • Suitable for beginners

  • 20-25 minute workouts

  • Minimal equipment

  • Perfect for home or the gym

Program Overview

This program is suitable for beginners or women returning to fitness, and will help you develop muscular strength and endurance from the comfort of your own home or the gym!

There is one optional foundation week to introduce you to this training style and workout structure, followed by an 18-week program that's split into four different training blocks. Each week, you’ll have three 20-25 minute dumbbell workouts which include:

  • Lower Body Basics

  • Full-Body Fundamentals

  • Upper Body & Core (optional until Week 5) 

The workouts follow a rep-based superset and time-based circuit structure, becoming more difficult as the program progresses to keep your body challenged. 

  • In weeks 1-4, your goal is to complete two workouts and include a 30:30 work-to-rest ratio.

  • In weeks 5-8, your goal is to complete three workouts. Your reps increase, your work-to-rest ratio for the circuits becomes 40:20, and the exercises are more complex to challenge you! If you have heavier weights, you could start using them now. 

  • In weeks 9-12, the work-to-rest ratio becomes 50:10 and there are some new and more difficult exercises, plus a new burnout section.

  • In weeks 13-18, supersets are now four laps, rep ranges are increased to get you closer to fatigue and some more complex exercises are introduced to further your training progress. 

The program also includes two weekly low-intensity cardio sessions to increase your fitness and keep your body moving, plus a recovery stretching session to improve mobility and flexibility.


What you’ll need

To get started with Low Impact Strength with Kelsey, you’ll need a yoga mat and dumbbells, but if you don’t have dumbbells, you can substitute them for safe household items of a similar weight such as full water bottles.

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Yoga Mat

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